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  1. Hello everyone! Yesterday I released my first Android App called Icy Monitor, it helps you monitor your PC using your android device. Features Get graphs about your CPU (load, temperature, clock, power), GPU (load, clock, temperature, fan) and system (fans, temperature, voltages). Customize graph colors to your liking. Get information about each filesystem and each process running. Save and monitor multiple computers effortlessly. Clean, beautiful interface with tablet support. The app is free, without advertisments and open source! Downloads Play Store Windows Server Github (for source) Setup Download the server application using the link above. Extract all files somewhere and run the application as administrator (otherwise, I am not allowed to read most sensors). An icon should appear at your system tray, right click it and select 'Open Firewall', this will open port 26822 which is used by the app (This only works with Window's Firewall, if you are using something else you must open port 26822 yourself). Now you can connect from the phone app by typing in your computer's IP address followed by ":26822". If you want to access the server through the Internet you will have to setup port forwarding, which is a different procedure for every router so I cannot help you. If you don't know your IP, open a command line window and write "ipconfig". You should find your IPv4 address there. More info For more info, please visit my page or just ask here. Feel free to mail me at any time. Thanks a lot for trying my app! Any feedback (positive/negative) is extremely appreciated!
  2. This one, it's pretty rough at the edges but works fine.
  3. Here the light dim appears for 3 seconds after locking and goes away on it's own. Maybe you have an application that keeps the device from sleeping?
  4. Strange, never encountered that. I can only suggest you backup your contacts/messages and do a hard reset.
  5. Great tutorial! I thought about changing the icons directly before but I didn't actually bother to do it, seems like the only option though. Also, could you tell me which Samsung Today theme you are using? It looks really nice.
  6. Could you please provide some more info so we can help you? Like, if you flashed a custom ROM or what happens when you try to enable wifi.
  7. I could find LCD replacements for ~30 euro and digitalizer replacements for ~15 euro at ebay. You could fix it yourself if you want.
  8. No you can't flash without a usb connection but it should work if it's charging while it's off, does it get into download mode?
  9. The stock for me is 700mA, usually there is a sticker on it saying the output.
  10. I will see if I find time for this, I cooked a couple of ROMs before but never sense(or Greek, I prefer my phone in english). Right now I have a lot of stuff to do so I don't promise anything, just a possibility :P.
  11. Yep, you can just flash PDA(nb0) and it will work. My 6.1 light ROMs give me around 105MB of RAM at start up, 70MB after a hole day of running and using SPB shell.
  12. I am using 6.1 with IL2 eboot and it's just fine. No problems what-so-ever for 3-4 months now.
  13. I think most contact manager applications can do that, samsung's phonebook does it for sure, I think window's one too. I personally use Ash Like Snow, Gundam 00's second opening theme.
  14. I gave it as an example of a heavy interface running and still having a lot of free RAM.
  15. Don't know about which Sense ROM is the most stable, but a light 6.1 ROM can give you enough RAM to run SPB shell and still have 83mb RAM for gaming or other applications. If I exit SPB I get around 100mb RAM free, should be enough for gaming.
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