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  1. I used xTask before, mainly because of its do-it-all menu and the ability to remap the wm6.5.* start menu and close/ok buttons, but why it is a better task manager from, for example, the built-in one?
  2. Not sure about a solution. The camera works great if there is enough light. On medium light/low light situations you are most probably out of luck. Getting a photo of my room in evening means black spots at every shadow.
  3. About 2, disable S2U2's phone capabilities. (The slide to answer thing)
  4. Try using S2U2 and mapping the W&L key to S2U2.
  5. You can use AEButton+ to remap the W&L key to act as a lock key but unfortunately, AEButton+ is not free.
  6. Let's see... Daily: -Samsung B7610 (of course :() -The headphones that came with the phone. -Nintendo DS, will get replaced by a 3DS soon. -2G Sandisk flashdisk (With some portable apps and stuff). -6GB random sd card. That's all, not really interesting, I know. By the way, I would love to have a pandora on that list.
  7. Flashing mst and letting it format My Storage should fix the partitions in there. But personally I never recommend to flash mst because it includes eBoot which isn't safe is something goes wrong.
  8. If you are going to take it back at the service center, flash any official ROM first. This should enable you to keep your warranty unless you mention flashing.
  9. Could you please provide some more info? Like which ROM you are using right now, the app you use for locking the phone, if you use a pin code or if you use anything that runs all the time.
  10. It happened to me once, I ripped the cable off by mistake. But I was able to put it back and reflash. Try turning off the phone, plug the usb in, press detect in octans and power up the phone.
  11. Since I realized there are a couple of options about an Internet browser for our devices, I would like to ask your opinion. So, as the title says, which web browser do you use on your mobile on regular basis? Personally, I use Opera Mobile 10. Responsive UI, syncing with desktop browser, basic javascript support. I could use some more speed in rendering. What do you use?
  12. Here are the official instructions from google. It worked for my phone pretty good. If you get error while syncing, go at sync options and disable the syncing of tasks. Its not supported by google. About yahoo, never tried, a google search should give back some solutions.
  13. Could you post it here? Someone else might find it useful too :D (Actually that site does what my option 2 says, but not on a home server :D )
  14. I tried to do it and it seems ActiveSync doesn't have that functionallity built-in. You may try this options: 1) Set normal email accounts(Not ActiveSync) and set a small refresh timer, like check every 10 minutes. Its better for battery too. 2) Set up an exchange server at your home computer and Sync all acounts to the server which syncs to phone. Not sure how to do that and you would have to leave your pc running all day. 3) Find some 3rd party app?
  15. He wants to control his computer with the phone, not control the phone with a computer. I would be interested in such an app too, never really searched for one.
  16. I am using ActiveSync with gmail and it works great. You have to know the server details to set it up though.
  17. You have to use active sync. Run activesync from start menu, press menu(right softkey), select Configure Server... and follow the instructions.
  18. About formating the sd card in Windows, ErnstJanF's guide works great but if you don't want to run through the command line you can use this application. No install required, extract, run as admin, select disk and press Erase. This will overwrite the partition table with 0s so all partitions get deleted. Make sure you use it on the right disk letter though. If you get an error about access, make sure you ran it as admin and remove/replug your sd card. Disclaimer: I tried this myself and it worked, but I don't assume responsibility if something goes wrong.
  19. It stands for "Read the fine FAQ". He actually meant that if you read the first posts you would know that WiFi works only on i8000 and not on b7610.
  20. As far as I know you can't. This was only used in Samsung's adverts. The image file exists but well, nothing to do with it.
  21. Welcome in the forums! About what is a ROM, ROM means Read Only Memory but we usually use it with this meaning: A complete image of the phone's internal memory. Windows mobile version, apps, pre-installed ringtones, everything. When a chef cooks a ROM he can remove apps, test tweaks or add apps from other phones. Also there is no 'perfect' ROM. You need to experiment a bit. Most info you need is here: http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...lection-thread/ And some suggestions: If you need something that works out of the box without a lot of setup, try a full ROM. If you need speed try a light ROM(ROMs that have most default apps removed). Also the fastest ROMs are the 6.1 light ones. That's my personal opinion though :P. Good luck with your new phone. If you need anything else feel free to post in the b7610 forums here.
  22. I sent you a pm daskalos. Let me know if you need any more I8000 files.
  23. I think it would be better to post it even in Korean so anyone can give a try at translating, but I trust you know better. ;) Good luck with this one, looking forward to try it.
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