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  1. I recognize that, its the default UI from T**Omnia IIs(the korean version) ROM. There are a lot of other nice software on that ROM too, but I couldn't find one... Edit: By the way, you should not copy any .mui files from the korean ROM. They did the same with t**omnia's main menu and it was in English after all.
  2. Great theme ;). I've been using it for a while now(like you already know) and its great. Good job.
  3. No, you can't have menus in Greek. You can write in Greek normally but you can't use it for the menu. I can try and cook a Greek light ROM if you want. 6.5.3?
  4. Hi there, I am from Greece too and I flashed official JC2 CSC too. The change language key works only on some ROMs, usually full ones. I found no fix for this so far.
  5. @ErnstJanF: Even if you find the driver it will be in binary form so its not much use. Better wait for the team to release the sources. @passion_steak: Sleep does not work properly yet so its eating a lot of juice.
  6. Interesting news. I once translated a simple desktop application using some resource hacking, nothing special, but it might work here too. I know English, Greek and some German. Contact me if you need help :lol:. About programming, I know Java and Python, won't help much here... Edit: Resource hacking should work on WinMo too, since the .exe architecture is basically the same.
  7. Exactly, at the moment you reboot you are back at winmo.
  8. About the today problem: Blame samsung, they included a really low quality wallpaper for Samsung Today... And about the camera: Sometimes it happens here too, when the lightning conditions are not that good, no idea why.
  9. I was waiting for this since the alpha, nice to see it released. I just tried it, its kinda slow and freezes some times, not really good for daily usage but a great progress. I am investigating if we can remap the hardware keys.... For me they are like this: Volume Up, Lock, End(power off), Camera and most of the keyboard: Lock/Power off. Call: Volume up Middle(smile) key: Volume Down W/L: Back K: Menu
  10. Could you post a picture/screenshot so we can see what's exactly is the problem please?
  11. Thanks a lot for the feedback, I am having a lot of work for school these days, I will work on this when I find some time. As for the Samsung Dialer, I mainly kept it in for the ring delay and since it can be disabled easily I didn't bother removing it. I will check what's wrong with the alarms too.
  12. Well... All ROMs using Samsung messaging are kinda slow and we can't do something about that. You can always try default wm messaging or commercial alternatives like VITO SMS-Chat or Resco Contact Manager(Call Log, Contacts, Dial pad and treaded sms).
  13. Octans usually say 'Please wait for the device to boot completely' when its done, and after some time says 'Job done'. (I never wait for the job done message, it works normally and I flashed a lot of times). ROM Flashing time depends on your ROM, but it shouldn't be more that 15 minutes. Try reflashing, it might work. May I ask why you were flashing eBoot?
  14. You can try another ROM, some are faster, some are slower. We are experimenting here :D.
  15. You can install your cabs anytime you want. Actually, you can just load a file manager with XDA_UC and install everything you want afterwards manually.
  16. Try extracting the .apks as ZIP files and see if you get anything.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a year of success and happiness. And like we say in Greece, Χρόνια Πολλά!
  18. It should be enabled in the first place, I can't test it right now(no 3G coverage here), but Samsung Dialer is included.
  19. Thanks a lot for trying my ROM. I will remove the wizard and add the shortcuts(forgot them in v2). I am also working on getting the black theme right at the moment, in meanwhile please use Diamond VGA. Sorry for the problems, I will get it better :). Edit: I am working at a JH2-JC2 hybrid right now, when I finish this I will get back on fixing those bugs.
  20. @Daskalos: It seems I did something wrong while porting the XIP, its working know :). @Thunder141: Thanks a lot for the instructions, I managed to make it boot. Thanks a lot again for your time.
  21. I guess it does, since its actually a 'theme' for the WM6.5+ startmenu.
  22. Hello everyone, I was trying to port a new WM(6.5.3/5) build on a JC2 base but I couldn't get it right. The phone is always stuck on Samsung logo. From the original SYS I am keeping .VM, .ROM and Metadata. I tried following some tutorials on XDA but no luck. Could someone help me? It would be really appreciated.
  23. I think people will be interested, as am I. I flashed a friend's Omnia II with one of his ROMs and I can say they are excellent. I can also help with the beta testing if needed(have some experience by testing my ROMs and daskalos' armani v3).
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