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  1. Light V2 available! Check first post for changelog and benchmark.
  2. Full ROM available! Also, thanks a lot m0o5 for the mirror :).
  3. If you want more free ram, I suggest you try flashing II2(the oldest official ROM). It is 6.1 and it is pretty stable. You might miss one or two minor features though.
  4. When the other calls you and at the first ring he/she stops the call immediately, you get that.
  5. Full ROMs should have these fonts if the chef did not remove them. Not sure though. (Some songs I have contain japanese characters in their tags. They display correctly in most full roms and as boxed in light ones)
  6. Nice to hear you are enjoying your phone. And by the way, I suggest you try 6.1 at some time. Less eyecandy but its really fast(even on Low power/performance mode).
  7. Any official ROM is OK for warranty. You don't need the exact version you had when you bought the phone(and that's good, since branded CSCs are hard to find).
  8. Thanks a lot for the hint but its still has the same problems :/
  9. ROMs no longer available. Links were down and I don't have the kitchen files anymore so I can't reupload. Thanks to everyone who used these ROMs.
  10. Hi all, I am trying to cook a light 6.1 rom these days, removing a lot of things but black theme just won't work. Some elements are missing or are black-on-black background(like slidebars) and so is the text on notification bubbles. I removed a lot of Samsung pngs from the /OEMApps/ folder but 6.1 themes does not need pngs, right? Any help would me really appreciated.
  11. This looks really nice :P. Great work. Too bad I am on 6.1 :D
  12. Maybe you have a faulty device. You can flash a official rom(pda and csc will do) and send it back to Samsung.
  13. Thanks a lot for the information. I ended up flashing both the extracting nb0(With its langpacks) and the CSC.
  14. I extracted a nb0 from the mst because I want to leave the eboot as is. I also did not flash csc. The language defaults to Greek but I want to use English, Greek translations are realy inaccurate.
  15. I tried to download samsung's official II6 ROM but when I flash it, my phone uses greek in the ROM(menus and everything). I tried to split the rom using o2util and repack it without the language pack(PDA_B7610XXII6_HW_70.langpack.nb) but when I flash it, I get a blue screen with some white squares on top left. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. It might be Vodaphone updating their crap apps in the CSC. When I bought my omnia, the CSC kept installing 2-3 vodaphone apps every time I flashed a new rom.
  17. Are you running a ROM based on JH2? I think thats the problem with a lot Omnia II users, because I worked for any 6.5.3 rom based on JC2/JE2 I tried.
  18. 1) Run Easy Set S3Clock 2) Run FPU Enabler. 3) Press Patch and wait for it to finish. 4) Close FPU Enabler. 5) If you want the FPU chip to be enabled, do 3 and 4 again. 6) Select your clock speed. 7) Run S3Clock. 8) Press Set CPU speed. (And I suggest you check the checkbox) 9) Press hide. If you want to set the speed again, run S3Clock, press quit, set new speed and run again. First posts says it cleary I think.
  19. Well, you can, I am sure there is a tutorial in the collection thread.
  20. Ok, thanks a lot for the information. B)
  21. I flashed this rom today and I have to say I like it a lot. 6.1 is fast and stable, I will stick with it for the time being. Thanks a lot for your work.
  22. Are you sure you included the openGL drivers in your rom? You can grab them here.
  23. Install a SMS-MMS cab from the collection thread and edit your SMS shortcut(/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/Text.lnk) to run "jinbox.exe". You can edit shortcuts using total commander, long click them and then properties.
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