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  1. In the 6.5 version, is there anyway to get the notification screen back? It won't come up when I press up there(and these icons are so small to press alone).
  2. I just flashed this rom and all I can say is that it is great! Everything works nice and fast, no major bugs for me. I would donate(I really like your work) but my parents just won't allow me :). Ahem, thanks a lot for this rom. Also, could you please release the lockscreen graphics? I want to use them to create a s2u2 theme if you don't mind.
  3. You can try using S2U2(locksceen, freeware, google for it), it has some nice device suspend features when not used extending your battery life. Also make sure you don't have much stuff running(like email/weather sync every 10 mins). At last, you could try calibrating your battery(I do it every month, it helps to keep the battery in a good shape): 1) Let your device shutdown on its own(when the battery is low). 2) Leave it for 10 minutes. 3) Power it up and wait for it to shutdown again. 4) Do a full charge.
  4. Not really, the device is slower on any orientation except portrait(its slow even on reversed portrait).
  5. You can get s2u2 from here: http://s2u2.ac-s2.com/ . To enable caller id go to its settings > phone > caller id and set to whatever you want(different display of contact's picture). S2U2 will give you an iPhone-like lockscreen and caller id. I will try and find some links to phone canvas.
  6. Great! Let me ask, after we download/flash the rom, is there any way to change the sense slider back to the default one?
  7. How about the ring delay? It will be gone like your latest roms?
  8. To get exactly the same caller ID screen you need to install phone canvas(I couldn't find any cab to post here, but there is one for sure). You could also use S2U2 which gives a nice and themable Lockscreen/Caller ID screen.
  9. 2. With this cab start menu will show 5 icons per row so the list will be smaller: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=42507 . 3. I hear a lot of people use AESButton+ but I haven't tried myself. 4. Long press the xt9 button will give you the option to use the traditional keypad. 5. At the Omnia II Tweaks/Cabs thread you will find some info on ebook readers. Just scroll down a bit.
  10. Alright, I will see what I can do. Edit: First try bellow, it didn't turn out well(its not glossy at all B)). I will create another template anyway.
  11. Thanks a lot, I really wanted these icons.
  12. Hey Daskalos, I started creating the start menu icons and I want to ask, you want them like the main menu ones, like the default but colored or whatever I think? (Or maybe, why don't you use the main menu armani icons, they should work, right?)
  13. In /Windows/, there are some start_menu_*.png files, the icons for the start menu. Can anyone one zip and upload them? Since I am on a megalite ROM they are not here and they look better that the default windows ones. Thanks in advance.
  14. Let's see, because iOS is not open source. The developers managed to port Android into HD2 because Android(and the linux kernel) are open source. Also iOS is designed to run on the hardware of the iPhone, meaning if we could port it, there would be a huge possibility that it will be slow.
  15. I can help too, I draw in gimp so I have some skills. I can't quarantine everything, just the best effort :lol:.
  16. Sorry for the late respond! This rom is just a .nb0 file. If you flash only this, you keep your operator settings and keyboard languages. The csc file is another part of the rom, we usually don't replace that(its a .csc) file. You actually won't have to do everything.
  17. S3Clock worked with any 6.5.3 rom for me.
  18. I think the language input is Rom-indepedent, it changes with your CSC. This means if you can type russian if your old rom, you will be able to type with this one too. (In fact, I am using this rom + greek csc and I have the option to type russian) But all the menus and stuff will be on english. The only way I know to make s2u2 caller id to work is to disable the samsung phonepad(search the forums, you will find how to disable it) but you will get the evil ring delay.
  19. Not much, but its preferred to install anything that doesn't need to go to main storage to my storage.
  20. First of all, download this total commander from here http://www.ghisler.com/pocketpc.htm (you will need the cab version of ARM/XSCALE/PXA CPU) and install it like other cabs. You can launch it from the start menu, you will find the registry editor at \\Plugins\registry. From now on, its pretty easy to use.
  21. You have to go to Samsung Settings > Security > Mobile Tracker > Configuration > Enter your password and then disable it. These steps applies for the old samsung settings app, it might be a bit different for the new one. If you don't know the password its pretty much unfixable, since these settings don't go away after a hard reset.
  22. In my device there is no composer button but there is one used to change the typing languages. Maybe the composer key for me is this?
  23. Disable and re-enable mobile tracker and it will be ok.
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