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  1. I think the cube was always working, I installed a cab from i8000 on my phone and it worked. Ahem, waiting for this too.
  2. I guess the Others list is empty too, so you can't add anything. Try re-installing the main menu from this cab: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=58374 and tell me what happens.
  3. Try resseting the main menu. Edit > Reset. Also you could delete /HKLM/Software/Cube but this may kill the main menu completely.
  4. I am actually happy with my omnia pro. Of course, it would be better to have a galaxy s, but my omnia is ok too. Windows mobile has some drawbacks, but not something unbearable(never seen the ring problem on my omnia). Well I will stick to it for the time being(and the android port is ongoing, so it will be fine).
  5. I found something quite interesting today with this lockscreen. I don't think someone else posted it before. Ahem, you can change the lockscreen type by changing the following registry key: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Samsung\Lockscreen: Mode = 0: Default samsung lockscreen Mode = 1: Default samsung lockscreen with owner info. Mode = 2: Now playing for touchplayer with controls and boxart display. Mode = 3: Same as above, but for FM radio. Mode = 4: Something with a phone icon(maybe for calls?). I am currently using mode = 2 and its great!
  6. This looks good, I hope you create an multilingual version, I am gonna flash immediately.
  7. I installed the cube on my Omnia Pro(I know this is the omnia II forum, but the cube is actually made for omnia II). I like it but I have the following problems: 1) The internet side of the cube won't do anything. Can I root it to Opera 10? 2) The photo side displays all photos, including /Program Files/ and /Temp/. How can I filter the results like Photo Album. 3) The games side displays all apps, can it only display the ones I want?
  8. I don't think there are any alternate drivers, but the camera works pretty well for me. Some night shots(of persons) looks like day.
  9. This ROM is great! I have the random wake up problem when charging, not an issue. My ram is arround 50mb all the time, with arkswitch and s2u2(and sense of course). Samsung Power Setting: High OC: 850mhz Performance tweaks: All on adviced. Battery drain isn't bad, it works pretty well for me. I also disabled animated background and some tabs(I am using peoples, call log, sms, internet, calender. photos, weather). The only thing is that sometimes opening a menu(right softkey) in sense is slow, especially in the home tab. Anyway great job daskale! I will try to donate(if my parents allow me :angry: ) Edit: I forget to mention, I am on megalite sense.
  10. Flashing with the megalite-sense rom right now! Thanks a lot daskale! I will report problems if any.
  11. As i see, the test results look nice. I hope to get this tomorror :) !
  12. Well said daskalos, well said. Its up to us to make this phone better, its a great device with a lot of capabilities and we can make it even better. I am kinda new here, but with the help of the people here I found out how to flash and how to tailor the device to my needs. When my programming skills get better I hope to be proven useful to this community too, so I can help people make the most out of the device and of course, have fun with it. Keep up the good job everyone!
  13. If you still need any testers, please send me a pm. But I am pretty sure you have already a lot of testers. Good to see this ready for release.
  14. This is great, even faster! May I ask, what's the RAM usage of this ROM? Having around 40-50mb free would be ideal for me :).
  15. Thanks for the tip, I will give a try if Sense finds its way to my device before the release of this new rom, the only thing I want from the one's you stated is the weather tab.
  16. Well, I thought of Wii too(since I was playing some minutes ago). On the ROM, any major bugs detected? I like sense but its kinda slow on my Omnia Pro(at least 'till now).
  17. Looks promising, keep up the good job. Also, super mario 64 music :)?
  18. Nop, I installed only the cab from the first post and its fine.
  19. If you ask me, your rom's are fine and I am using them for a while now. But its your decision anyway.
  20. HTC Desire is the most powerful between these phones, no doubt, but its on android(in cause you prefer windows mobile, android is pretty cool). Touch Pro 2 is pretty good, but I would never get HDmini, its screen is too small for me. You can find specifications at http://www.htc.com/www/product.aspx .
  21. I reflashed my phone yesterday and I re-installed SPB shell 3.5.5(It took me forever to find my key :lol:). Anyway, everything is working normally except the weather panel. It keeps saying 'No weather data has been downloaded.', both weather forecast and current conditions. I tried both over wifi and 3G, nothing. I also tried a couple of different cities, still nothing. Any help would be really appreciated. (By the way, I have an Omnia Pro GT-B7610) Edit: Wrong section, could a mod move it at Touchscreen phone software? Sorry I didn't notice it.
  22. I am thinking of flashing my phone with this but I worry about the performance. Does sense affects performance much?
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