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  1. Hi Guys, just a heads up on those still waiting to get their grubby mitts on the nexus 4. It is now available to order on the play store, with a 1-2 week shipping time for both models. :D
  2. coolcatshaft

    Nexus 4 Bumper

    hmmm another dissatisfied customer. I do want a screen protector on the phone as I tend to keep my phones for a while and then pass them on to family again so they are in use for many years. I am really happy with a MediaDevil Magic sheild screen protector I put on my daughters iPad, it really is invisible and dirty fingerprints come off it easily. Unfortunately they do not have one out for the Nexus 4, and I wonder if many big name companies will bother due to low volume of handsets out there. Any recommendations from anyone?
  3. coolcatshaft

    Nexus 4 Bumper

    Ordered this one. It is nice, good feel, does not add bulk to the phone. I think the official one looks better with the metal effect buttons, the poetic one looks subtle maybe a little cheap (which it is). It has a more pronounced rear lip which lifts the back off the surface and a subtle front lip too. The front lip occasionally catches the bottom of the screen protector I have put on. Out of interest which screen protector (if any) are people using on their nexus? I got a vividsheild one off Amazon but it has a noticeable 'rainbow' effect which I'm not too keen on. Not bad enough to take it off, but occasionally annoying.
  4. coolcatshaft

    HTC Desire to officially launch on T-mobile 26th March

    Its on the website now! http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/shop/mobile-phon...re/price-plans/
  5. 32 levels altogether finished it last night.
  6. I must admit, i thought the guy was putting it on as a joke just to make people go to the orange website and find nothing, but its actually there! price ranges from free to £119.00, i think its 39.99 on any of the £30/month tariffs.
  7. T-Mobile also have an official WM6 upgrade on their website for the Artemis has anyone on here tried it?
  8. coolcatshaft

    Tomtom on MDA Compact III

    I'm using tomtom 6 on my mda compact three with no problems at all! in fact it works very well indeed.
  9. coolcatshaft

    Cubin' the mda compact III

    no scratches that I can see, and the phone looks much better IMHO
  10. coolcatshaft

    Cubin' the mda compact III

    not quite flashing the firmware... :) all it means, is that i vigorously rubbed a sugarcube on the painted logos on the case namely the "MDA" and "T-Mobile" above the screen. This 'sugarcubing' removes the white/pink painted logos but leaves the titanium grey painted case scratch-free and looking much nicer without carrying the t-mobile advertisement.
  11. i just threw caution to the wind and sugarcubed my mda comp 3, AND IT WORKS!!! The pink "T" took some getting though! nice sleek unbranded device now no scratches or blemishes! gives it an air of mystery i think... all the usual disclaimers apply!
  12. i've got a brando ultra clear screen protector off amazon, it is virtually invisible, no air bubbles, nice bright screen. bit pricey though!
  13. coolcatshaft

    Compact III GPS settings

    same here, except baud rate is 57600 as set in GPS settings in Start > Setting > System > GPS
  14. coolcatshaft

    Compact III GPS settings

    just a note on the gps settings, the standard settings work fine although if i used the auto detection setting on Cameraware the phone would freeze. after manually entering the baud rate and com port in the application it connected up fine with no fuss.

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