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  1. Phone went back for a replacement, as I was still within the exchange time frame, just now the endless wait.......
  2. I dont think NFC will be that wide spread until next year even though Mastercard and Visa are launching during the summer.
  3. At first I thought the battery calibration was the problem not having flashed the KDD from KDA the phone gets rather warm before I get the Battery Low warning message and then the phone switches off. At the moment the battery if fully charged and the phone has cooled down, I just done a factory reset andi still have the same problem. I was on KDA and now moved to KDD and the phone has been running all day. I still get the battery low message but I beleive its related an heat issue as the top half off the phone does get hot. The battery is now only a 1/3 full or 3/4 empty
  4. after running bootubuntu i get the following error apt-get command not found after typing apt-get update? Phone is rooted, busybox installed running latest streakdroid 1.8.1
  5. I only noticed this when I dropped the streak a few weeks ago and needed to open it up to push the internal SD card back in as it would not boot up. The 2 torx screws at the microphone end are missing, the Device was bought (£429) from Carphone locked to O2 back in June last year now unlocked by O2. What kind of QA process did Dell go through to get these early devices out I wonder? how many more are missing these screws adn where can i get some replacements from size etc?
  6. +1 for the devices count The going was a little hard a I bricked my Streak a the first attempt, then this morning I succeeded :-)
  7. so for the time being i'll try to send a unlock request every month
  8. Its a dash Genie from ebay a little pricey at 17 quid I had a blond moment i guess, but it pritty good not having to clap it down as the sticky read pad is rather strong.
  9. It does work trust me, I spent money on two that didn't one was made by Duracell the other by Belkin both from Play.com and both rated at 5v 1000mA. I was thinking of braking this one down and putting it in the nicer Duracell case.
  10. I can confirm that both the wall plug and usb charger work with the Dell Streak, such a relief got a long journey in the morning and looking forward to using google maps navigation :-)
  11. I've ordered this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...e=STRK:MEWNX:IT as posted by pug above, will let you know as soon as it arrives.
  12. Things that have improved for me with this build Touchscreen does not freeze anymore, I used to have to press the power button to kick it to life. Automatic backlight seems to respond better, again had to tap screen or wait a few seconds for it react.
  13. Just tested charging the tablet from my monitor usb socket and removing the upstream cable from the pc and the streak failed to recognize it when the cable was unplugged from the PC. Dell your a bunch of money garbing ...........
  14. I had a Duracell usb car charger which was perfect for the iPhone but did not work on the Dell Streak. so I got a belkin one rated at 1amp and nothing, but the streak did acknowledge the cable was giving a charge but there was no icon in the battery indicator.
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