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  1. Hey Paul, now that the official release has gone out, are you planning a JB kitchen release? Understand you're a busy guy, so no eta requested.
  2. Hi Gary. Thanks for the new release. I see a lot of people complaining about lag in I7. Have you experienced this?
  3. Hi Gary, thanks for another release. Does this I1 also have the copy paste and TouchWiz Home FC issues?
  4. Still very quiet in here.... Shiney S3 in my hands and no one to play with! :P
  5. Functionally, I'm happy with Touchwiz. It is however responsible for large amount of battery drain on my S3
  6. I would definitely say so. Google Now has also started to work after a cache and dalvik wipe. (I did a full wipe before installing the rom)
  7. Thank you for the response Gary. I have also now removed the samsung apps. I also found that Viber was causing the Android Core Apps process to drain the battery. I assume it was a bad restore from TitaniumBackup. If anyone else is having this issue, removing Viber has resolved this, and I haven't re-installed yet. Will do so and let you know. EDIT: Also, thank you for this work. I understand that it's beta, but it works fantastically so far. EDIT 2: Removal and Re-install of Viber corrected the issue above.
  8. Hi Gary, I flashed your latest JB Rom (XXDLH7) with a full wipe. The only 2 issues to report: 1. weird high battery usage on process S Memo. I don't plan to use S Memo, so I'll probably just remove it. 2. Google now doesn't present cards automatically, but shows them if I enter google now. Have you seen this during your testing? Many thanks for your efforts. -Dom
  9. Thank you SO much. I somehow borked my USB and SD while trying to partition my new class 10 microSD, this thread saved my life!
  10. Funny, I've seen people complaining about this. I have new Facebook, and New Radio, and I have better battery life than before. My phone sleeps fine... Weird.
  11. If you can read, you can succeed.
  12. DomP

    MCR r5 archive

    The are available right now. Simply click on the link to purchase an Ad Free or MoDaCo Plus subscription. :-)
  13. DomP

    MCR r5 archive

    The problem was Handcent, they have already released a new version in the market to fix it.
  14. DomP

    MCR r5 archive

    Yep, sorry, I should have posted a full sentence. I didn't have the energy. :-) I'm not usually one to flame people for that kind of thing, but this is starting to get ridiculous. I'll be upgrading my account soon anyway, because Paul works harder than the money it cost me for ad free!
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