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  1. here's original thread on xda ;) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1355660
  2. What about google login's fix? And does the camera work? :-)
  3. Is that already edited? [italian] è quello già modificato? [/italian]
  4. Wow! Maybe it's time to give a name to the rom (Alpha 1 or build n° xxx) and make a changelog of versions ;) EDIT: even a new updated-video of the rom will be better :)
  5. Here is Nexus One ICS rom Can someone work on it? Or we have to wait for CM9?
  6. Last night I was connected on wifi. Then I turned off my router and switched to airplan mode on my phone, without turning off wifi from settings. This morning I turned off airplan mode, but I can't connect to network anymore!!!!!! Airplan mode always worked before. What should I do?? Please, don't tell me the only way is to reflash the rom!
  7. I'll wait then. I prefer to stay with LiquidNext at the moment
  8. So, in LeoGB there's only voice chat, isn't it? Without video?
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