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  1. hello, if we select the rotatory effect " Lock screen from the scipa mod settings " the the phone goes in infinite rebooting cycle, Please see the bug, thanks erickas and others for wonderful beta
  2. connect it with adb. and installl nay program to handel the android phones... then install nay launcher program you like
  3. which file are u talking abt. plz mention the name of the file. u need to unzip the main file not subb files
  4. well i can u are new here.but it has been answered many times. join b7610 group on palringo. to get online help. step by step. alternatively u can search this very thread. its sure u can get ur answer.
  5. i never tried on vista or 7 i always use xp but the drivers will be same ... check compantibity .. u can install them only,. else downlaod the latest kites for vista .. u can get driver of it in that
  6. well are u sure the drivers of the phone are installed the android one.. well try connecting the mobile to pc when u start the haret .. u will get the phone connected..
  7. yes it is possible try using this http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1371345 i can get the connection connected put cant use it . if u can further explore. i was not able to find free time.. log of the service .. do post this error log in the above xda(i was having less than 10 posts there so was not able to proced nor i like posting.. now ... if u take lead to do work do that ) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ windows client Connecting to device. This may take a few seconds Step 1 : Check if a device is connected Ok Step 2 : Checking android package Installed package version : 3.16 Current package version : 3.16 Ok Step 3 : Check if usb port is available Error : port not available Step 4 : Prepare connection (Adb Forward) Ok Step 4 bis : Check again if usb port is available Ok Step 5 : Start android service Ok Step 6 : Ensure connection is closed before open it Ok Step 7 : Connect to android Ok Step 8 : Check android connection Waiting for response... Check connection 1 ok Check connection 2 ok Step 9 : Send init to android service Ok Step 10 : Send scripts Ok Step 11 : Start script1 Ok Step 12 : Send port forwarding Ok Connection is done Step 9 : Send init to android service Ok Step 10 : Send scripts Ok Step 11 : Start script1 Ok Step 12 : Send port forwarding Ok Connection is done android service CheckConnection : send done 2 UdpRelay : waiting on port 42004 UdpRelay : socket 42004 failed. UdpRelay : waiting on port 42005 UdpRelay (42004) : Thread stopped @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ good luck
  8. that wont allow the reverse flow... i think but the mobile internet can be used by pda net
  9. well actually i have only 3 email in the account, contacts syn is disabled, and too calander.. when i see it services it shows it is restarting. and something stranged happend . when i installed the update for rooting, i cant get my signal..
  10. well i noticed a sync icon .. always stay on the notification... even if it is not syncing any think,.,. is that the applications are updating and it the icon for that
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