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  1. Hi guys, Any experience... faster, smoother, more stable than 4.2.2? (bt works?)
  2. Wow my Master! :) I learned something new today! (Phone -> Clear defaults) Thank you!
  3. HI Guys, I've got a silly issue what I cannot solve. As we use Viber and VOIP also, when starting a call it always asked which one to use: Viber/MobileVOIP/Phone... with two options of the choice: "Always" and "Once" (or "Just now"?). Last time I accidentally pressed the "Always" and there is no option any more now. (it does what I asked to do it always ... :wacko: .) How should I reset to make it ask me again? Strange but frustrating. (It is still the 0329 on it)
  4. Mea Culpa, guys! I was a bit tired and not too accurate at the post before my last post. There is really something bad with the gps. Even it has found 9 moons and even used all of them for fix... it CANNOT FIXED at all. It is sunshine and clear open air outside but needed minutes to get fix but dropped surprisingly easily. Strange. One more strange behavior noticed that it keeps the gps status icon at the status bar and the "~gps fixed" message at the notification drawer even after turning it off. With KonstaKANG CM10 4.1.2 it was perfect :unsure:
  5. Hey elrond_bs, don't you think I saw "AGPS moons" :P . By the way I am in a penthouse, two meters from the window. It is tested usually with GPS Test and GPS Essentials. So at last it is fast for getting gps fix (not a triangled value).
  6. Just checked it: Long press the file>two columns appearing>look at the second (right) one>third row=rename :P Funny that "rename" is missing from the menu what is placed left bottom ...especially even if you tick the checkbox of the file.
  7. Or go for th app FasterGPS! It will do all the things we had to do years ago. Just set Continent/Region(Country)> it will set up the RIGHT ntp server automatically. I just tested gps right now (after a fresh install) and can catch thoose moons in 15 seconds. I am inside the house and not too clear outside too.
  8. Oh thanks, I forgot everything! (I did it a year ago) Yes it (apollo) also does the trick! :) Strange that ES File Explorer was able to do it with CM10 but even the built-in file expolrer cannot do now.
  9. Thanks It worked! I felt that there is the solution somewhere... but found simply at sdcard/notifications ;)
  10. Ok, llama question but what about the ringtones? How should I set an mp3 file as ringtone? CM10 did the trick but I cannot find the way to do it now!
  11. Hi Guys! Is there any good reason to use this CM10.1 instead of the CM10? I mean not for experimental playing but for using it everyday... Any disadvantages? My wife still using cm-10-20130129-EXPERIMENTAL-blade-DAEMOND, it was stable for months but nowadays just started falling to random shutdown (deep sleep?). The only way weak it up to plug in into the charger an then boots up normally. Of course battery out-in also works :wacko:
  12. Hey, I just burned the 20130108 rom and it solved the previously mentioned DLNA/UPnP problems with 20121124! :D That usb0 interface had to be the boogeyman. KonstaT, thank for your effort and your great job again! (just a remark: any kind of app I start shows 2-5 sec black screen before it really stand up... I do not really mind it but seems strange)
  13. hi guys, my brain is fulfilled wit other things so please gimme a quick help please! It is still the 20121124 rom on the device. What is the fastest way to flash with the 20130108 keeping apps and call&sms logs? Google backup&restore? Cw recovery backup&restore? ...or the old way I did before: there is a call log backup&restore app I used>backup + format all as usual + flash the rom&gapps + go for market and find&reinstall my ex apps + call log backup&restore app>restore? Thank you! Sorry for the blaming off :blush:
  14. It is not too important but seems to be strange while disclosing the rom and the provider as potential cause. Did you tried any UPnP app... or is there any factory "app" what may not been installed but I can add individually now?
  15. Hmmm, I cannot edit my post... it seems to be able but results nothing changed. :angry2: I use the 20121124 rom
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