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  1. 75% brightness is sufficient for most uses. Anything beyond this value burns through the battery really quickly. That's probably the cause of your battery drain. I wouldn't be against it if you modified the ROM to lower maximum backlight brightness to increase battery life for most users. Auto-brightness on makes backlight brightness lower right now.
  2. Awesome. Will flash this soon. Is it too much to ask for sources to learn how to do this myself? Not a fan of ADW Launcher either. I use Legacy Launcher on the Liquid and it's 'okay'...
  3. Using liquid next camera libs, the camera app force closes double tapping the preview I have a logcat Camera is kind of broken in the ROM alogcat.2012-06-13-07-25-33+0800.txt
  4. I can't download this ROM anymore :( Anyone have a mirror?
  5. In my short time with the interactive governor on our custom kernels, I thought it was scalling up to max frequency a lot more often than the ondemand governor. 3G + GPS + WIFI + 768MHz always led to hardware issues for me, regardless of ROM, on multiple Acer Liquid Es. The only solution is to let your processes finish. Acer Ferrari, can be you more descriptive of your problem? Can you still boot into recovery? Or does your device just no longer boot into Android normally?
  6. A description of this 'fix' so people know what to do. I returned to stock and realized what the fuss was all about. In the shipped Acer Liquid E configurations, the recovery partition is designed to be rewritten upon normal bootup of the system. To install a custom recovery permanently on a stock Acer Liquid E with Android 2.2, this bootup behavior has to be altered. This behavior can be altered by changing the affected file alone, or by flashing a custom ROM which replaces the relevant files. To install Malez recovery, you can still run the install script, provided that you DO NOT REBOOT the phone into normal bootup mode when the script asks during fastboot, after the custom recovery image has already been installed. Now you will want to unplug the device (and pull the battery) to turn the thing off. Then you can reboot the phone into recovery mode (vol -, camera, power -> phone vibrates three times). Rememeber that to press the camera button, you need to depress fully so you trigger the camera action, not the camera focus. If successful, you will boot into Malez recovery, where you can install a custom firmware of your choice. After the custom firmware is installed, you do not have to worry about the recovery being overwritten. In recovery mode, navigate using the volume buttons, and select with the menu button. Back returns to the previous option. Not sure if the update.zip removed install_recovery.sh, flash_image, or altered init.rc.
  7. Mind mirror those files for those of us who can't see it in the market?
  8. CONFID_QSD_SVS did the trick :unsure:. Back up to 921MHz @ 1.275v I used the fast dormancy patch from git here, wherever the heck he got this from: https://github.com/cleaton/liquid-chocolate...7e1e06b5da2b5fb The only abnormal behavior I have witnessed so far is ADB dying, but beyond that it has been okay.
  9. Alright, I was able to get 883MHz. Good enough for now, I guess. I couldn't get 921MHz to show though. If anyone knows anything about this, please do tell. I am stumped. Seems to work okay. Not getting crazy bugs in fast_dormancy either, but I really have to try 3G idle to see if the fast dormancy patch works.
  10. I was successful in building the Acer Froyo kernel and booting it on my phone, but adding { 1, 921600, ACPU_PLL_3, 0, 0, 0, 0, 128000, 1, 0x18, 1275}, to acpu_speed acpu_freq_tbl_768 in acpuclock-8x50.c did not result in the device allowing overclock. Am I missing something?
  11. I am asking because I want to build something that is better than stock, without losing any functionality. Looks harder than I would like it to be :)
  12. Gingerbread does not really appeal to me much, but I'll take it if they give it to us.
  13. does this have or not have fast dormancy? did acer give it to us this time?
  14. If you applied this 'fix' to your Liquid as an update.zip without running Cyanogenmod, it does nothing lol
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