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  1. Just to throw in my 2p - I came for the MCR kitchens, and paid for an ad free account. Also slightly disappointed that Paul's been too busy to roll up an FRG83 version of MCR.
  2. Just to add a +1 to this, I'm seeing this exact same issue with the rom failing to see my sim.
  3. Re-baked the rom & I got exchange back under accounts. odd, but fixed. :D
  4. How odd. I'll try a clear & reflash and see if it comes back. Not a huge loss, it's only my work cal I'm missing :D <edit> After a cache wipe & a reflash it's still missing. I'll try recooking a rom, if not I'll do a factory reset and get to try Titanium Backup's restore option :lol: </edit>
  5. Did exchange support vanish in this release, or did I just not notice it missing in r19. Looks like it's gone for me now though. Could we have it back (at least as an option in the kitchen) in the next release please?
  6. Thanks, I'll give that a try and let you know how I get on. <edit> Took 3 or 4 installs, but it's now working, thanks!</edit>
  7. Your theme no longer works for me now i'm running MCR r20 - it worked fine under r19, but not all of the elements apply for me. Any suggestions?
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