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  1. Have you followed all the steps? If that doesn't work try re-installing both apps.
  2. The Pulse has a few good working 2.2 Rom's and i think a 2.3 Rom in development.
  3. To be honest, Development on the phone seems to have stopped. No new Custom roms, and Froyo has had absolutely no progress on this phone. :'(
  4. 1 in a Million, so very, very very little chance
  5. You change the keyboard by longpressing a text box, then input method (i think), If you have downloaded a new keyboard, you'll have to go to settings and enable it first.
  6. All you need is here Hope this helps :)
  7. We'll someone got off the wrong side of the bed this morning :D Thanks. I think i've got a pretty big understanding from here :P
  8. We had the excact same problem with the Pulse Mini. It's to do with something incredibly annoying. This might help
  9. Believe me, It only takes about an hour, no really! We'll any help would be great, just this forum is a complete mess. (No offence) :P
  10. Not bad I suppose that letter can work for practicably anything you've bought. Might come in handy :P
  11. Ok, so since i'm gonna get this phone in a few weeks, i was wandering if someone could write up a guide on how to root, install custom roms, froyo etc. Like the one I wrote up for the mini. Any help would be appreciated. :P
  12. just gonna bump this incase of new mini users.
  13. Forget those completley. Go with the Orange San Frasico/ ZTE Blade. it's got a 3.5" OLED Multi-touch and is brilliant, £99 On PAYG. Beats both pulses and already has a working FroYo Port.
  14. Well a few things to try. 1) it needs to be clear skies (the more clouds, the longer it's gonna take) 2) it needs to be outside in clear view of the sky. 3) AGPS Is usually best 4) More open areas are gonna be found faster 5) Going underground, into tunnels etc. are gonna lose signal 6) Having a 3G connection helps Those general GPS tips should help, i can't imagine it really being a problem with the phone. :P
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