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  1. I'm using this phone too now more than two weeks, it's surprisingly good. Only one issue what I found: the BMM050 magnetic sensor not working, so there is no compass. Battery life is more than good, the standby time is really great. The display is brilliant, speed is very fast, everything is nice. The compass working on Your phone?
  2. Do I need to reflash the original recovery partition from CW to TPT my Gen1 device?
  3. It beates every other player in term of speed and quality. :mellow: Thanx for the tip.
  4. I'm overclocking always to 72x Mhz, whatever ROM I'm used, and no problems at all. More interesting at 691 Mhz i had some lockups, reboots. Really. But higher clock rates, 710 and 72x MHz runs well. At 74x Mhz stable too, but I don't need a V12 motor in my Blade. :D V8 is enough. B)
  5. :D I'm on n32 + exp. kernel v6 GPS: working Proximity: fixed App2SD: fixed Touch screen freezes: fixed Battery drain: fixed (exp. kernel v6) Oc'd to 729: never reboots. never. Fast, reliable, smart and free.
  6. I'm using n28 + exp. kernel v6, with OC'd cpu to 729: no problems at all, exceptional battery life, not a single reboot, or any problems...
  7. Only if you using smartass governor, or downclock your CPU under 245 Mhz...
  8. I'm flashed experimental kernel v6 over n28: battery drain is stopped. :D So it's kernel related, maybe the new wifi driver...
  9. CM7 is the fastest OS on my Blade, faster than anything before. It's in RC stage, so don't be stupid. Don't do any judgement until it's coming out in final version. :D
  10. I'm on N19 + exper. kernel v5, oc to 729MHz and no reboots, switch offs... try a new, fresh system and install your programs step by step... one of your programs causing this, I think.
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