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  1. Is it normal for the driver install to sit at 80% for a while and then disappear? I've had no joy at all getting the driver working and I've tried it on 3 different versions of Windows.
  2. My phone shows up in device manager as "Android Sooner Single ADB Interface". I think this is the wrong driver, can someone confirm please?
  3. I'm jealous, it's not working on my X10 mini pro. I get the same problem as a few other people, blank screen and return to file browser.
  4. Is there any way to get paid apps? I think the answer is no but you never know!
  5. The ability to search contacts seems to be missing when composing a text. Major pain! Is there any way to bring it back?
  6. I've learned a bit having messed around with it today. 5 desktops is plenty and I've discovered the home icon twice to bring up the switcher. Barnacle seems worse than ever. Constant "NAT Restart: Message too long" when trying to open google on a client.
  7. I just installed the r3b rom and the phone is still working on o2.
  8. I installed r3b this morning, thanks to the excellent guide posted elsewhere. GPS and WiFi seem to be working fine. The only things I'm missing from the t-mobile setup are the 9 desktops that scroll via the button and the ability to drag icons between them. Also the favourite contacts button (for thumb browsing). I'm sure that has a proper name. Maybe these can be got back, I don't know.
  9. Hi and thanks so much for the guide. Could you please mention in post 4 whether we should be copying the zip file, the unzipped directory or the individual unzipped folders to the SD card? (Actually, this becomes pretty obvious by reading the rest of the post but it might be worth the clarification anyway) Another thing - is there an easy way to get my apps and settings back or do I just need to reinstall and reconfigure everything?
  10. I don't know what's changed but today I plugged in the USB cable, dropped down the USB notification, selected mount and there it is - drive F: with full access to my micro SD card in the phone.
  11. Doh! It is simple, you just delete out the number and when it is blank it disappears. I was sure I had tried that though.
  12. Just to let you know that I can't access the SD card via USB on my wife's pulse mini either. It was bought off ebay but I'm pretty sure it's not rooted (su: permission denied). I just get "Please insert a disk into drive F:". It's different on mine, I can get drive F up but it only contains the T-mobile setup files and documentation. Maybe I'm looking at the same thing and those files have been deleted on my wife's phone.
  13. I haven't experienced a boot loop as far as I know. I did get some error about acore not responding after running superboot.
  14. That's interesting. I can't access mine either but I assumed I was doing something wrong as I'd never tried it before rooting the phone. I gave up and used a card reader.
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