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  1. As the rooted phone how to update the OTA package ? Is there any way to integrated the OTA package to a custom ROM ?
  2. We just want to root our Legend 2.03 ,and most of android-phone were rooted ,Why legend2 come to so difficult. Who told the lies once again and again. but ... Day by day ,night by night ,People from all over the world ,even the time zone is reverse .We still stay at here waitting for a miracle ,or even just a test package . So many dedicated people here ,untill the phone is rooted we can't give up . Is there anybody give us a hand . :angry:
  3. From XDA I found the way to Root for ERIS LEAKERS http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=724741 Whether the way is suit for our legend 2.03 too ?
  4. Great Paul has come to here a moment before ,but he didn't leave anything . my heart is very cool :)
  5. Paul , Thank you ! I'm try to root it ,field again and again ,I'm carzy :D
  6. I read the script find that "error: device not found" is due to Execute 'adb shell' command In Recovery mode failed the hboot , recovey edition is latest ,and drivers is not support ,If HTC release new editon of Sync software ,we could do this root . I don't know ,just guess
  7. I have tryed to root 2.03 by "[Root] SimpleRoot v1.3 (Linux/Windows)" It's not work , "error: device not found" Is there anyone rooted ,please tell me here
  8. We can't flash anyother ROM ,except RUU
  9. I want to root my legend (2.03) too . I try to root it myself : 1.Use the package of 'r4-legend-root.zip' ; 2.Downgrade the HBoot ; 3.Flash the SPL Off ; but Im faild . Im Crazy :lol: ,So I need help . I discussed the script in package of 'r4-legend-root.zip' , I find the important thing is 'testImage.zip' , If anyone can build a new version 'testImage.zip' with SPL off ,then make the 'r5-legend-root.zip' ,all of us are free. Poor my english ,Im from China Thank all
  10. I have this problem too Hope Paul give us a new method to root 2.03
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