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  1. Not going to happen I'm afraid, the CPU in the Commtiva N700 is not up to the standard required for flash. At least thats what they tells us, not seen it tried anywhere. Trying to install the flash 10.1 APK results in nothing happening so not likely to see anybody try running it.
  2. Wing That is the sort of response I would expect if they believe that the phone is stolen. I assume the phone is legally yours, if so do as Sagar suggests, if you are able. I couldn't see any post that indicates where you got your streak from or where you are now, probably missed it . But I don't think you are going to get an unlock code from O2. Assuming you are the legitimate owner there are a few places that will unlock the streak for you fees range from about £40 and go up.
  3. Finally got my unlock code after replying to the standard we are not unlocking with the suggested the exclusivity deal has ended so why not? Email from guess who? yep Sagar, on Friday morning with my unlock code. Happier O2 customer :D
  4. I use co-pilot on both the N700 and a Dell Streak and have found no issues with the maps. GPS reception is required for accurate use of google maps or 3G connection which costs you. £29 for co-pilot that includes updates to maps is easily out priced by having to continually download google maps. There are very few unlimited data plans nowdays.
  5. What make are the SD cards and where did you get them from? There are a lot of fake cards out there, unless you buy them from a 100% reputable dealer you could be getting a dud. I purchased a 32gb micro sdhc from ebay, it went back the same day, it was a fake Sandisk that would only report 8gb and even then wouldn't store anything.
  6. I've dealt with them a few times they have always been helpful, quick and honest. They refunded the fee when they couldn't unlock a dell 3g card for me and suggested a potential alternative (which wasn't needed as they had actually unlocked it). Nokia unlock code provided in hours Sony XP1 debranded and upgraded by return of post.
  7. You mean the one that said: QUOTE(RedSlug @ Dec 15 2010, 13:34) As title. Still waiting :/
  8. Thay are batching by all accounts so keep trying the standard link from about phone, system updates.
  9. Just done 2nd reboot, actual update underway. Done!, The UI is going at the first opportunity.
  10. I'm not waiting. downloading streak_319_12792_21.pkg right now. Seems it was released at 14.00
  11. If you are really not kidding about those messages I'd keep well clear. But I'd also make a backup copy of those messages, just in case. For those desperate for an unlock code you can get it unlocked at http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/Unlocking/dellremoteunlock.htm not cheap but if you are desperate.
  12. The criteria you quote above cannot be acheived by anybody, the streak was released on 4th June 2010, so no unlock codes should be available until June 2011. Complete cobblers if you ask me.
  13. fester61

    New phone, now what?

    As O2 have 'announced' Froyo will be available by OTA on Wednesday 15th, I'd wait.
  14. Tesco's sells streaks off the shelf with no contract so I'd be stunned if it was locked to O2.
  15. fester61

    E5 headphone amp...

    That would probably better than the standard stuff. However: Possibly the ultimate solution to the problem at hand http://www.hificables.co.uk/11883/Nordost-...m-Minijack.html At only £161 for a 0.3m cable what more could you want? ;)

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