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  1. Hi all, It has been very quiet here recently... does it mean that you don't have any issues with the streak or you are simply chasing other devices like galaxy note so don't bother posting/answering questions? I will switch to the note anyway once the 32G white version is available in the UK, but for the time being I am still happy with the streak. I would like to ask a question now (forgive me should it has already been posted here). The Bluetooth works very good with the streak, however after it is connected for a while the service is interrupted regularly as the streak tries to search other devices available, which is very much annoying. Is there a way to stop it from doing the search once it is connected with the Bluetooth earphone? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, Does anybody know if S2 have original SIP Apps? I tried sipdroid but other party cannot hear me. How to overcome this sipdroid issue? any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for those who make contributions to this thread.
  4. the best is perhaps k9email+ email popup. You configure it properly and it works like charm. If you have rooted the device, uninstall the gmail and android mail apps.
  5. I note that this forum for dell streak has been pretty quiet recently, perhaps everybody is happy with the gadget now, which is good. But I have a question here, as you know skype has recently updated the app to offer video calls for some specified devices and some smart guys have 'cracked' it to make it work for other devices. Has anybody here tried it in his streak and how is the outcome? Please share your experience. Thanks.
  6. with £10 cash back from topcashback website I essentially paid £189 for the streak. it's a good deal indeed.
  7. just ordered one for my friend. Hope everything goes well. I believe it is a good deal.
  8. Hi, could you please tell me where to download this 'fm_hcitool' file? Many thanks.
  9. Has anybody tried if that beta version works with the streak? fring blog
  10. Many thanks for your info. Now I am with GAUSB1A134500-EU, BUILD 15380, is your approach workable to root the device? Anybody has ever tried this?
  11. Many thanks, I have upgraded the system now. I also read this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1000455, specifically, I just follow 1. Rename the downloaded 'Streak_345_15380_00.pkg' to 'Update.prk' and put it in sd card root. 2. Download the "MultiRecoveryFlasher[eng].rar" 3. Extract the "MultiRecoveryFlasher[eng].rar" 4. Start the "\MultiRecoveryFlasher\MultiRecoveryFlasher.ba t/exe" [v.0.2 bat / v.0.3 exe] 5. Start Streak to fastboot mode and connect via USB (hold camera key and turn on the streak) 6. Select 'flash Dell-Recovery 2.2.2/345 <- flash the "Update.pkg" from Dell (Rom 2.2.2/345)') wait for the flash, just 2 seconds, the streak will reboot, and you must hold volume + and - key together immediately when rebooting, this will finalise the last step to complete the update.
  12. Hi all, I decide to update the the Android 2.2 system now and have downloaded a file called Streak_345_15380_00.pkg (189M) from this forum, however I have no idea how to do this update! Please could somebody kindly advise me on how to do that? I really don't want to brick my streak. My device info is: Baseband GAUSB1A131800-EU, Android version 2.2, Kernel version, Build number 12821. This streak is from Dell directly hence not locked or rooted. Many thanks in advance.
  13. works great with official 2.2 I tried many other IMs and have to admit that fring is the best. However I hate the ads there.
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