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  1. Hi all, could someone run Antutu benchmark on stock rom and look if run without reboot device please?
  2. seems you can't remount system partition check ramdisk or take boot.img from old cm 10 to try
  3. check permission into updater script for super user
  4. hi, no I've stopped all dev cause reach my knowledge limit and now I'm busy to mod my new home :-D
  5. Android system is boot up or just kernel? Any logcat or dmesg?
  6. No, don't do it. It's not compatible
  7. Try to delete uv84 into etc/init.d folder
  8. You must unlock bootloader
  9. Hi, I've just build AOKP rom for CloudMobile Here the link https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwYKbOD16O6PLUdfa3c3RTZtNXM/edit?usp=sharing Bug Headphones GPS
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