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  1. A good bet would be to keep an eye on this [DEV] GSM phone calls on Nexus 7 3G http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2025377
  2. What do you think of the possibility of voice? Is it feasible?
  3. Thanks to everyone for keeping this thread up to date. I spilled some Jameson whiskey on my screen last night and it is now decidedly blotchy where it seeped underneath the glass. My next step is to try and remove the screen and separate the glass from the LCD. Perhaps the alcohol will have done some of the work for me.B) I already have experience of the dis-assembly required for the internal sd cutaway so this gives me the opportunity of going a step or two further.
  4. Thank you. From your reference to the Streakdroid site this is probably something that I should have already known. But thanks to you I now do and it has introduced me to some potentially very useful tools.
  5. Well done, under the circumstances that was the best move. I appreciate your intentions were to be helpful but it all just went downhill. I know that I supported the bare bones rom and I am sorry if I encouraged breach of thread protocols.
  6. It is great to see you producing positive input like this. My inclination is to help but I fear that my clumsy efforts would bring you more grief than my floundering input would warrant. Even the description "run reframe.sh as root" brings me out in a wannabee geek panic attack rash. Perhaps when others more competent than me respond with feedback, I might gain more confidence. Good job though.
  7. You probably don't need many more of these 'me too' Flash Video reports. I have reinstalled Flash Player 11 and get FC's on all of my installed browsers, i.e. Stock , xScope Pro and Dolphin HD (the latest GetJar version). I see that some very helpful members have already provided log files.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, I have purchased GPS Test Plus and it seems to be a very useful app to have installed. So I am grateful for the advice. There may be some confusion, however, I was not reporting a GPS issue only trying to respond to Stephen Hyde's request for feedback on GPS without WiFi. My experience corresponds with others and I am glad to have been able to assist him in this.
  9. I have tried this as follows: Disable Wifi Disable Data Enable GPS Result: Maps opens fine but Search and Navigate appear to require Data Repeat but: Disable WiFi Enable Data Enable GPS Result: Maps opens fine, Search and Navigate also work fine.
  10. I have flashed the GingerStreak- and all these issues are now sorted. This is just too impressive. Thank you.
  11. I have now updated to 2.4.2 It is all looking really good although I also have the YouTube and Camera white screen issues. I am sure there will be a fix for this before long. Just because it has been mentioned previously, my Select Language English option is United States only.
  12. I hope you get your Arabic version, have you checked @maxicet's work on internationalising the rom over on xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=698 I can't say whether Arabic is there but at least a multilingual effort is being made so who knows where the project might lead.
  13. Mine says 2.3.3 For some reason I, too, was expecting that to be a higher number. The new font looks good. Thanks again DJSteve
  14. Thanks to DJSteve and to Fards for this. Thanks, too, to @Azurren and others who posted helpful guides and advice. The installation really boils down to reading comprehension. Which is my case means reading, re-reading and reading again. I have no issues to report, there may be a few niggles but I am not convinced that they are due to the rom. Battery life seems better too. As others have said, this is the best rom yet. Having just read @Azurren's post it could be that the best is yet to come.
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