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  1. Thykka

    sdcard issues

    Reminds me of the time I played super mario on NES. But it didn't help. I also tried formatting the mc with ADB, but I can't find any file beginning with "sd" in /dev/. Shouldn't there be one? # ls ls adsp keychord ptmx akm8973_aot kmsg pts akm8973_daemon log qmi0 alarm msm_aac qmi1 android_adb msm_audpre qmi2 android_adb_enable msm_mp3 random ashmem msm_pcm_ctl smd0 binder msm_pcm_in smd27 block msm_pcm_out socket bma150 msm_snd tty console mt9p012 ttyHS0 cpu_dma_latency mtd ttyMSM2 device-mapper network_latency ttyfs diag network_throughput uinput diag_arm9 null urandom emapi oncrpc voc_rx_playback full pmem voc_rx_record graphics pmem_adsp voc_tx_playback htc-acoustic pmem_camera voc_tx_record htc-portlist pmem_gpu0 zero hw3d pmem_gpu1 input ppp #
  2. Thykka

    sdcard issues

    Hi! I've been using modaco 1.5 for a while and now that the modaco 2.1 came out, I tried to install it. Installation didn't work (boot loop) so i restored my nandroid backup. Everything seemed to work just fine until I tried to mount the sdcard on my pc with the usb cable; it mounts and dismounts almost right after that. Now there's a notification "damaged sd card" which offers the option to format, but this seems to do absolutely nothing. I also tried with another sdcard, but the very same problem persists (instead of "damaged sd card" it says "blank sd card" though, can't format it either) The next step would prolly be buying a microSD card reader so I can access the card with my PC, but it's Sunday and I can't get one until tomorrow. Also, tried to downgrade to RUU 2.73.405.5, but it failed too. Any ideas or suggestions?
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