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  1. JM1+ Fixes most GPS problems. Used to take 5-10secs to get 5 sats in view and 5 locks, now it takes a second or two to get 10 in view with 8 locked.
  2. Okay so this will give one the ability to create full backups and such, but I'm still unclear if this will make it possible to backup settings, such as APN, ringtones, launcher options etc, since those are pain in the ass to always manually put in after every flash.
  3. No they do not. When I first got my Galaxy a month ago, I barely got it last 12hours with the first few full charges (after the first few days of using it like a maniac) and now I easily run it two days, and with little use 3-4.
  4. Yo what's your weather-calendar widget. I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!
  5. on JM1, had r3 but since it had nothing to add to r2 basically, i shipped JM1 and I think im gonna go with this until froyo.. too much hassle to flash every fkin week. Speed seems the same, i only manage to get 1,1k benchmarks for some reason (Class 6 ext3 mimicofix), this was the case for r3 too, so whatevs.. don't really know what's wrong with this. Some new widgets, 2G/3G is now GSM/WCDMA + GPS fix (using google settings as a default now)
  6. Anyone else noticing the major improvement on GPS? usually it has taken me 5-10secs or so to get and lock a few, not i got instant 5/5 and after few more secs 6/10
  7. Few new widgets from samsung, such as some sort of task manager, no more Silent setting in the Notifications area, replaced with GPS
  8. Question, I've flashed with 100 different roms now and did basically all the lagfixes.. i think my system is totally messed up atm.. Now I want to just ship this new JM1 in and forget every other fix.. Is it enough if I just flash with this with the re-partitioning? (i've done the kernel-fix too)
  9. People having the Titanium Superuser nag, reboot your phone and you should be fine.
  10. FFS I can't understand why my score is still so frigging low, can't even beat Moto Shadow running 2.1. I only get 1126 from quadrant. I did a wipe, flashed JG5, put MoDaCo r3, put kernel fix, did the hack with adb. I got Class 6 8GB (7.6GB real size) with 7GB Fat32 and 0.6GB Ext3 Partitions made with Paragon. I mean cmon?
  11. Mine syncs fine but I don't get the profile pics anymore... I used to get them on stock ROM though..
  12. Where are all the metallic back cases :angry: I don't wanna spoil my phone by making it huge..
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