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  1. Thank you :). After last nights "big unveil" im even more certain one of these beauty's will be ordered.
  2. A few small questions: 1. Are ringtone's also going throught the stereo speakers? If so, i need to start reripping my ringtone's to stereo instead of mono :P 2. Could you please post a picture of the front and back of the silver and black next to each other :). That would be really nice to decide which beauty to order 3. How fast is the usb throughpout when you load an movie to the phone? My HTC Desire has an horrible speed......
  3. I just flashed my Desire and after an hour i went back to mcr3.1. After installing all the apps i use Handsent kept crashing (when starting it and when booting the phone). Also the Media process was constantly crashing. This also after a full whipe. Let's try again tomorrow :(
  4. Before i upgrade from my mcr3.1 there was one thing i like to know. Is the HTC Music Player included in this sense version? Ik don't like the Froyo one.
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