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  1. Just out of curiousity, if given a system dump from the garmin Asus Nuviphone A50 which run on Android (i believe it's 1.6). Is it even remotely possible to strip off the navigator software such that it can be installed on other android devices? This is because Garmin do not officially have a navigation software for Android so far, but they do have it running on their own phone.
  2. 1. Do they actually cut off the entire internet connection completely (according to user settings)? Or 2. do they actually disable only the 3G/HSDPA connection, such that they phone is forced to the old 2G GPRS/EDGE speed? If it's case 1, is there any program that could toggle "Force 2G" connection when the phone is idle/screen off? Would be much better compared to just cutting off the internet connection completely. And no, im not talking about widgets that takes you directly to the Mobile Network setting. I wanted it to be automated.
  3. I realized that since i've applied JG5, my battery consumption has always been a lil on the high side. Have anyone experienced the same? Or maybe is it because of the battery meter being skewed after a few flashes like what have been reported by few people? Maybe i should erase the batterystat.bin thingy.
  4. Hey there, from my experience, which i have done to my own phone (generic Galaxy S) without any issue, it depends on which firmware that you use : JG1 + 513 pit file + NO Repartition (unchecked) or JG5 + 512 pit file + Repartition (checked). Cheers!
  5. Nokia bundled 2Gb class 2. Not sure which manufacturer made it for them. Work flawlessly, Quadrant 1653.
  6. I used titanium backup, backup something called User Dict, im assuming it's a custom dictionary in addition to T9 (not swype) using native keyboard. But it doesn't restore my swype custom dictionary after i reflashed. Any idea where is it stored? It's annoying to keep rebuilding the dictionary after each flash.
  7. Since i have to conver to ext4, does that mean that i have to move back everything to /data/data before formatting the sd card as ext 4? will this command work? just guessing :S rm -r /data/data mv /data/data.bak /data/data
  8. Samsung on twitter (is this an official channel btw?) stated that there's a problem with this firmware and is currently working on a new one though. Might as well wait for the new one to come out. Shouldn't be long. -I9000 Firmware: I9000XWJG5 have still problems. The best firmware is still XWJG3 about 3 hours ago via web -Working on a new project! We hope this Firmware project will work! about 1 hour ago via web Source : http://twitter.com/SamsungFirmware
  9. Ye, i did it on my terminal :D "The SD Card was initially partitioned on the mac and setted up for EFI firmwares. " but how do u explain my case? I have never use mac before in my entire life.
  10. In your review you said that there is no search button which was wrong ;) I think you haven't notice yet, but the left menu button also doubles as a search function if you hold it down. As for the absence of trackball, and the need of tapping the place you need to go to, especially in text editing, you have 2 choices, holding down the "?123" button in Samsung Keypad mode or simply a quick left to right swipe on the "SYM" button in Swype mode will trigger the directional keypad along with some text editing tools. Pretty nifty :D Now let me continue reading the review ....Cheers!
  11. hmm, now this is worth upgrading to :D
  12. Odd, i've been struggling over and over, and it was solved the moment i switch it to a card reader. I'm using gparted by the way. Yes, it's shown as formatted in Paragon for me too, but upon plugging it in windows, it says that the card cannot be recognized and needed another format :S my quadrant now shows 1364, increased from 836 :angry: thanks guys!
  13. Yes they are right. Use card reader, i happened to find a micro sd -> SD converter. plug it in, repeat the partitioning and now it worked! For some reason, you can't do it with the card in phone, even though everything seems normal.
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