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  1. Hello Is samsung Keyboard Removed in this version? :P Or how can I obtain it. Thanks
  2. Hello. Is there a program to play Internet radio on the samsung omnia ? I was going to send online police scanner with Windows Media Encoder. And connect me with my phone and listen? any tips on application to the phone Thax Goblinz
  3. i have overwrite the file in Resco Explorer now it works fine. and have done a hard reset. But it is in English only. What am I doing wrong. Manila2D.exe.0409.mui is translated in Swedish. thanx
  4. Ok thanx i will try that in Resco. how do i disable manilla2d ? thanx / goblinz
  5. Hello I have copied the file Manila2D.exe.0409.mui to my computer from the phone, it has been translated into Swedish by Reshacker. But now when I try to copy it back to the phone in the windows directory. can not, can not overwrite the file or delete it. Someone who knows how to do this? phone is a Samsung i900 omnia
  6. 6MB file you used. that you removed. with all languages, etc.. would be very grateful if you could distribute it for download,
  7. I have now installed Samsung_IM_Black_Gloss_XT9.rar and now works touched the table again. but may not be functioning Swedish T9 ,have tried to install the file in Windows XT9Ime.041D.rar on the phone in windows folder, but it will not be included as an option. English is just there. Why have you removed all the languages. I agree that you Should Reinsert the Samsung's keyboard in your ROM. and every language. I go back to the 22024th
  8. Hi and thanks for your help, it worked well when I switched to another usb port. But no samsung phonepad in the new version, have tried to download Samsung keyboards but may not Swedish T9. And no phonepad in the dowload link. Can you put back the samsung keyboards/keypad and phonepad or get me one link there i can download them all in swedish t9 please i olny use the Phonepad . now i went back to 22024 M2Dv2
  9. Hi have just flash my omnia i900. :lol: it did not go well. It stopped at a few percent i use USDL grandprix to flash When I start the phone it will upload a picture in the screen. there is a picture of a phone and an exclamation point !. The phone wont boot up. there is something to do? or is it just scrap now.
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