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  1. So I'm guessing there's more to it then just remaining the zip to "update.zip"?
  2. So the files don't need to be modified to install on the galaxy s? Just download the frozen eclair zip and install it? The frozen eclair can't brick the phone, can it? It's just updating some android files. If it goes bad, just re-flash the phone.
  3. Thank you for posting that link. Unfortunately, I'm not savvy enough to extract the files and update them to the SGS. edit: feel free to call me an idiot, but are those files like a custom rom made specifically for their device? Or is the "Frozen eclair" a device-independent update?
  4. Forgive my ignorance on the issue, but is it possible to release a update just for the JIT files that can be applied to any firmware/rom?
  5. No, you will need roms made specifically for them. This rom is made specially for the first SGS (the non-US version).
  6. Does it do it for all pictures? What about trying a different picture viewer/gallery from marketplace?
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