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  1. Ok, did the trip home last night. No crashes or lock ups of any kind. GPS worked fairly consistently, but it did drop the signal a couple of times. Now to be fair, I don't have a phone mount so it was sitting in the cup holder with a partially obscured view of the windscreen. So with a proper mount it may have been fine. However the san fran always worked even if it was buried in the door pocket. So if you want rock solid GPS, my experience says keep the san fran. Personally, it isn't so important to me so I'm keeping the desire.
  2. Well it worked fine, though I only used it for half and hour as I didn't want to flatten my battery. I'm heading back tonight so will try a longer test.
  3. Well I will repost the results of my journey down to Kent tomorrow. Don't get me wrong, GPS seems to work, but the signal lock seems weaker than I've seen on other android devices. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the alu unibody is obfuscating the reception slightly. It's still a collosul upgrade over the San Fran though, and at the total price for the deal posted on HUKD, it's a steal.
  4. Well, think I've found the first quirk with my S. The GPS lock is very weak, picking up maybe 2/3rds of the sats that my trusty old san fran will lock onto. I have a 100 mile drive tomorrow, so will put it to the test and see how well it copes.
  5. Have you updated your apn settings for Orange's network? There is currently no easy root method for the S, so at the moment you will have to make do with the Rom you currently have. The S has a lot of storage so I wouldn't worry to much about the bloatware.
  6. Well received mine earlier today, though only had limited time to play with it. So far I'm impressed, it is very quick and makes the Blade feel sluggish by comparison. Build quality is very nice, feels like a premium product (whatever that means these days) and the screen is remarkably good, bright, clear and plenty of contrast. I shant miss the OLED. HTC Sense is nice, but far from amazing, not sure it's worthy of the hype though it works well and is slick. Imagine it would impress someone who wasn't into modifying their phone and had only used stock Android before seeing it. No O2 branding on it at all, not even the boot logo, just stock HTC boot screen. That said it does come with a fairly large roster of manufacturer apps that I have no desire (ignore the pun) to have on there. That said, plenty of free storage available on this thing so I'll live. Regarding wifi, I've tried wrapping my hand around the whole top of the phone, signal doesn't so much as drop one bar. So can only assume whatever issue the review models had has been fixed. All in all, with the quidco and cheap tarriff, plus the sale of my Blade, I'm very happy with my upgrade.
  7. I considered one too, I've used a friends and it really is great, the extra screen size really makes it easier to use (despite being the same res). However, I already have an iPad and the Streak is just a bit too big to use as a day to day phone.
  8. Yes I've read the same on a few reviews, some suggest it's bad while others seem to think it's negligeble. Given the Blade's wifi eccentricities I will probably learn to live with it regarless. I've yet to use a smart phone without some perculiar and annoying quirk, a don't expect this to be any different. But the faster performance and a camera that can actually be used for it's intended purpose are what tipped my hand. Mine should arrive tomorrow so I will give the wifi grip of death a try and post my findings. May even post a side by side comparison vid if I get time and anyone is remotely interested.
  9. No, this is true. I think I will be happy with the stock HTC gingerbread install if the worst comes to the worst and it's S-ON. Will almost be nice to take a break from the constant process of researching ROMs and wiping and uprading!
  10. *drums fingers and waits for the rest of the Blade forum to arrive....*
  11. I suspect that may be true, however I got one of the websupport minions to confirm that you could cancel the web bolt on and saved the screen grab, which hopefully will be enough to strong arm O2 into taking it off once they've paid Quidco. But still, it's no deal breaker, happy with the price in spite of that. Now just have to hope that the ones they are shipping are S-OFF!
  12. Snap, just done the same thing. Much as I love my Blade, this deal was a bit too tempting to pass up.
  13. Funny you should say that. Ever since I signed up with talktalk a couple of months ago I've had line problems. Hence this post really as I need some kind of backup. Cheers for the replies all, looks like I'm safe to tether.
  14. Anyone know if there are any hidden charges for using a tethered data connection on Three? I have 1gb a month allowance on my contract. I've consulted their deliberately vague T&Cs and am none the wiser. I'd call them, but I can't quite face their overseas call center at the moment.
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