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  1. Interesting, I'm on a Jr6 bake with Franco r53 - didn't have the issue until this new release...
  2. I can also confirm the mobile data bug. Mobile connection is disabled and doesn't resume after a wifi connection lapses. Sometimes requires a reboot to fix when turning mobile data on manually doesn't work. Running latest kitchen rom with Franco..
  3. So whilst preparing to flash the new CM10 based MCR, the screen on my Nexus 4 randomly started flickering. Thinking it was a franco kernel bug, I rebooted. I was surprised to see the screen flicker in recovery/bootloader and during boot sequence. I checked over at xda and there was some suggestion this is software related.. Now I've flashed CM10 MCR with a full wipe and this is what I currently have: Looks like I may be ringing around for a replacement in the morning. Anyone else experienced this? Anything I could try? Just to mention the phone is prisitine, I've only had it a few weeks and keep it in a nilkin case, haven't dropped it or anything like that.
  4. I loved CM 10 on my previous device, but I like the stock mcr on the N4. Is CM 10.1 fully featured for the N4? No missing features like the S3?
  5. Argh! it's bugging me so much, I can't end calls so I'm having to reboot every time I need to hangup!!
  6. Hi Paul, I'm experiencing a strange bug, (running franco kernel)... during a call my screen doesn't turn back on, even pressing the power button doesn't wake the screen, therefore I can't end calls that need to be ended! It's more painful if I'm calling out as it comes back to life when the person on the other end hangs up... anyone else get anything similar?
  7. Well Guys, Thanks to this thread I learnt that I was not alone in experiencing NAND Flash problems with the N7. I purchased mine at launch in July from Tesco and thanks to the info from this thread have managed to secure a full refund from Tesco Direct. I explained the problem and they offered me a full refund without question, they picked up the device free of charge. I guess it's worth asking your retailer to replace/refund the device and point them to the article on 'The Register'. Hope this helps someone...
  8. Try an app called "Directory Bind", I think it's available on XDA... Hope that helps..
  9. This problem needs a fix/solution, games like Max Payne and Gameloft titles require 1+ GB file downloads, so useable storage of just 11GB fills up super fast, I am facing the same predicament as the OP.
  10. Argh! I'm close to pulling my hair out guys, I've got a (Three) H3G UK S3 and I rooted with CWM kernel and flashed a baked MCR, everything was fine until after a few reboots I got the notorious voice call bug. In call audio is really distorted and pretty much unbearable, so I read around and flashed a new radio (no luck), then I reverted to stock firmware, which DOES fix the problem... Anyhow, coming back to an MCR or any other custom rom I get the voice bug again! The phone is pretty much useless with this problem. I've tried CM9 as well (same issue) and I've tried CF Root and CWM Kernels together with flashing stock NELE4 modem without solving the issue... any idea's? Edit: I forgot to mention that my bakes have been pretty much vanilla roms, could a missing samsung service/application be causing the issue? Edit 2: Well after several flashes and bakes, I've now determined the following: It's not a modem issue, It's not a kernel issue, the bug occurs only on vanilla rom bakes and the vanilla prebake, I'm now using the TW prebake and XLF5 modem without the bug. Paul additionally I noticed that the Calendar and Contacts Descriptions were messed up in the kitchen - no biggie.
  11. Thanks for the info paul! Enjoying Jelly Bean in <24 hours after announcement thanks to you! :) Could "Quick unlock" be integrated to the pin lock screen? I've been accustomed from CM9!
  12. Thanks Chris, I've tried signing out, any other method to change the server?? EDIT: Ahhh, Nigella doesn't like it if I choose 'sign update'. Paul I've also been redirected to purchase a subscription a few times when clicking bake...! haha
  13. Anyone else having problems with Nigella? Also I assume it's wipe coming from CM9 and then non wipe for subsequent flashes? "The requested URL /cache/1340889756/280612-1522-Jr1-update-modacocustomrom-galaxynexus-kitchen-signed-MD5-.zip was not found on this server."
  14. Is anyone else having GPS troubles with the new rom & Franco M1?... I was in a jam yesterday and navigation was just stuck on "searching for GPS". I've tried wiping cache and reflashing a new bake... any idea's guys?
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