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  1. Yeah, I had to give up on the ROM for now until an update. I tried a few kernels and some were a little better with lockups but the ROM was really slow, or didn't have bluetooth and FM and were quite fast and stable. Waiting until there's something with both. I didn't really want to try a bunch of different kernels until I got it just right so I'm just waiting on a new build. I miss Sense though...
  2. Desk dock same issue. I can do the same and help on the desk dock. This is still a feature I really wish would get working is that bluetooth connection to both the desk and car docks.
  3. There's one posted a few pages back that I tried and worked great for me. Some have had Wifi issues but I did not. I think there are instructions in Intersect Raven's thread about fixing wifi if you have the issue. I didn't look into it very much though since my wifi worked fine.
  4. Hmm, ok. Don't have a good answer for you then. ext4 is not supported so I thought maybe you had an ext4 partition.
  5. Hmm, sorry to hear. Wifi worked for me right away, didn't have to push any extra files our anything. I use amon recovery, don't know if that makes any difference if you happen to be using clockwork. Looking forward to the update Paul.
  6. Kernel is working great so far. Only tested fm radio and it's fine. I'll try bluetooth and hotspot later. Very stable too so far.
  7. Honestly I'd forgo the FM ability if there's a more stable kernel out there with decent battery life. I still haven't ever used the FM radio. I know some folks like it so maybe an option for a choice in the kitchen or something?
  8. Finally got a chance to try it and sure enough, it works great. Thanks for the link!
  9. And you notice a difference in the sound? I forgot my headphones today so I'll have to wait till I get in the car to test it out. Thanks for the link. When I previously installed the version that you can install with Enom's (restoring with TB) I didn't notice any difference in sound so I'm hoping the method you posted works well, thanks.
  10. Has there been any news on the DSP Manager working on this? When I use it I don't hear any difference. Just curious if anyone knows the status of trying to get it to work on this.
  11. I hadn't thought about Fancy Widget, but wouldn't you lose the weather animations? I guess the only positive is you can link Fancy Widget's weather with the stock Android Weather, which I find way more informative than the HTC Sense weather info. HTC just looks prettier.
  12. Thanks for posting. The only thing that's a bit weird is the hour flips every time when you unlock the phone after a few minutes, it's a bit jarring to me.
  13. For the folks with lag, did you reboot after initial setup before installing apps? I had a lot of lag with market, etc during initial setup but after the reboot everything was great. Also, are you using Widgetlocker? I am trying to narrow down my lag issue I had a while my back and my current thought is it's a widgetlocker issue. I have not installed it and since wiping yesterday afternoon and installing the latest build with 2.10.X-based, it's been running great. I'll see how it runs the rest of the day. What I did notice though is if I have a lot of windows open in the Browser there is a lot of lag. My thought is Rosie is already a RAM hog so with that many windows open the phone just starts to lag so I try not to have more than 2 or 3 browswer windows open. Lastly, I did have to do a full wipe to solve my FC problems yesterday after the build switched from 2.09-based to 2.10-based.
  14. I had a couple of FCs and a crash that required a battery pull after updating to today's build, after rebooting a couple of times everything seems ok. I'll keep an eye out for the rest of the day.
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