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  1. MIUI China added Sensation to the next MIUI v4 official support poll!!! That's the last chance to make it happen so go to their facebook page and vote for our beloved device .... The first device now is SGS2 The poll is online until 7 Feb so go and vote ASAP even you don't like MIUI. You can find MIUI China facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/miuiromchina Guys please help to make it happen the votes are really important ...
  2. I hope to see new version with working cam soon. I don't know why people speak about you like this over xda Trip, Loving your work.
  3. Hi Everyone Can someone please help me with my wifi!!? With the latest 7.7 alpha when I turn the wifi on as you see in the pictures there is no networks in the list and also search button not functioning!!! I have this problem with older builds too :( Other than great ROM so far :D
  4. Can some one please tell me how to connect to wifi networks? Every time I try to search for wifi networks nothing found!!! Help me please :(
  5. I have no such problem but when I play HD games the phone gets hot. For example I've installed AirAttack HD on my phone and it takes about 1 hours to finish it, the phone gets hot but there is no problem at all and there is no lag, restarts and ... Every thing runs really smooth on my phone, This ROM is the only ROM that after flashing it I didn't dissapoint Thanks a lot Trip THE BEST WISHES FOR YOU
  6. Hi Trip, I don't want to bother you, I'm not a developer but you are ;) so I've thaught you can resize MIUI to QHD. If there is no way to resize just continue your great work :) BEST WISHES FOR YOU :D
  7. I hope you can also resize all apps and things to qHD to make it the best ROM in all over the net ;)
  8. And also He is really GREAT guy. Your ROMs are the best man, Keep the good work up man. Is there any way to make battery last longer?
  9. Hi Trip Your ROMs are really great especially the Sound Rocks. I have a question: Is there any way to resize all apps like sound recorder and also resize some parts of the ROM to qHD, for example when you want to remove a widget from screen, size of the trash that apear at the top not mach with screen resolution!
  10. Hello everyone :) Excuse me if my question asked before but I've searched the thread and no answer for it!!! Is there any possibility to run Android on our device via NAND? Another question is how to connect VPN on this Froyo? I've tried to connect VPN on my O2 but there is no luck!!! :rolleyes:. Anyway Very BIG Thanks to all of the community and the DEVs :rolleyes:.
  11. Read this thread and it has a lot of useful things :D http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1040025 Don't forget, you shouldn't rename it to o2bupdate.tar.gz the right name is: o2b3update.tar.gz
  12. Could someone please help me? :) I've downloaded froyo and 2d/3d drivers from filesonic, every time I install froyo, in the welcome screen when I tap the android there is no response and after 1 min the screen goes blank, I've changed my SD two times but nothing changed !!! Someone please help me :)
  13. Hello everyone I've downloaded Froyo, Every things fine but in the first boot at the welcome screen when I tap on android it is not respond and after 1 minute the screen goes blank and when I try to take it back there is no response again and I should pull the battery out. I use 2d/3d drivers that uploaded on filesonic. Help me please :)
  14. The password of our ROMs is: MS Team Please see the first post before ask your question Thanks a lot :D
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