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  1. I think I saw once the software that does that. But cannot remember the name though, I just remember it was while ago when I was using XP and that the icon was some kind of truck :| If anybody knows the software, I'm interested to. That would help a lot with clean install as vaughn89 said. Thanks!
  2. Thank you very much, It seems pretty explanatory, so I`ll get my hands dirty :lol: this weekend. Cheers
  3. I`ve "rooted" my Hero with instantroot previously with android 1.5 on it. And as I could tell, it had access to root, and apps that needed root access were running just fine (for example adfree). After that I had updated ROM from HTCs website, and few days ago when 2.1 came ... did that too. Now I have access to root folder (without doing anything, I assume it preserved root access during update, cuz everything else was preserved), but adfree and some others doesn`t work properly. So I assume that it is not the "root" I need. I read that after updating with OTA permanently removes root. And that there is no going back. I`m interested in root access for now only to use apps that need root access. But as I can read that 2.1 is the last version for Hero, maybe I would flash some custom firmwares later. I found some guides here and on unlockr etc. how to flash ROMs, but I`m not sure if this applies to these new GSM Hero ROM provided by HTC. If I could get some guides, I would be very much thankful.
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