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  1. Made a Video of the Voodoo Fix Enjoy.
  2. JP2 is better and tethering Works....
  3. Asphalt5 Works Perfect for me. Made 2 Videos
  4. Will try it and post some impressions and pictures... 1. ups, flashed the P1.. 2. Browser dont show me Flash (youtube). Send me to the market but then appears a windows with "Dont find elements..."blabla 3. Quadrant Benchmark: 955 4. Flash now P2... 5. looks good... runs smooth... 6. install Flash Player from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=686736 7. YouTube, YouPorn, XVideo.com everything runs... not perfect.. but it runs.. 8. HAPPY!!! will post a video soon...
  5. after my second firmware flash i choosed the option 3 & 4 to wipe everything... reboot and did the flash again.. then it works..
  6. sounds good. maybe the clou was to wipe my personal data between some flashes. dont know exactly.
  7. download and will post some impressions... 1. without Re-Partition & 513.pit doesnt flash. 2. with Re-Partition & 513.pit Flash successfull 3. After reset, the Screen is black and the 2 LED-Buttons are on. 4. without Re-Partition & 512.pit Flash successfull(after boot, i choosed to wipe all data "2 options" and reset... but screen black. 5. with Re-Partition & 512.pit Flash successfull, then it booted twiced directly to the menu.. SUCCESS !!! 6. With adb.exe and this update.zip try to gain ROOT. OK 7. BusyBox install.. OK 8. Taken some screenshots for you 9. Last Picture shows the new "TaskManager". 10. Install Quadrant Benchmark..Reboot..Score 909 11. Start the Screengrabber...Second Benchmark with Screenshot. Score 905. 12. i miss a samsung app.. facebook for S! Dont find it to install... :(
  8. Same here, Phone is superfast but Daily Briefing is still installed.
  9. Have a Problem... :lol: 1. Installed the new Custom ROM from PAUL. 2. Installed busybox from the market. 3. I started busybox, made an update to the latest version 4. I started Superuser and i see a busybox entry with a green button. 5. Enable the USB Debug Mode. 6. PlugIn to PC 7. type in CMD "adb-windows shell" 8. type in "su" 9. Permission denied. forget anything? :D
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