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  1. Arii

    Looking forward to HTC One X

    Did get my HoX monday so been using it for a day now and i am for sure in love :) As i always get the new phones that is worth to have it was long time ago i did get that feeling " This phone i can use for a while" insted get one and wait for next new phone to come. But this HoX for sure give me that feeling and that is sweet... Only Gs3 that will be fun to see how it will do when it comes, but till then i for sure stick to the htc. :)
  2. So nice to see you got one sensation..;) Did get Gs2 when it came out and last night i got my sensation and after just one day i realy like the sensation..:P Gs2 is realy nice but for me i find the htc feel more "solid" in the hand and also good to add i had many problems on my gs2 with overheat so it shutdown and reboot, after 2 phones same problem i feel good try out htc for a bit now. And not hurt to see you have your hands on one too..:D
  3. Did try r14 on my Desire Z Uk Ver. and did work nice, or working so far that is B)
  4. Anyone have try enter the commands like it say: adb shell su - busybox cp -rp /data/data /disk/ busybox mv /data/data /data/data.bak busybox ln -s /disk/data /data/data to fix market issues: busybox mv /system/media /disk/ busybox ln -s /disk/media /system/media reboot And done it in Phone terminal insted off in ADB? As i did and got a very slow phone after a heavy day off use with it, but seems no other got that so maybe it need adb to get it right or shall normal terminal in phone itself work as good?
  5. Had same problem with Adb, but i did enter the commands from phone itself in terminal insted. And that did work right away, not sure if all did go to well tho as mine did start go very very slow after one day with hard use, so reflashed old jg5 again. :angry:
  6. Anyone that is on JG5 and with this fix that has huge problems with speed on MassStorage? Mine is so slow that send few megs from pc to sdcrad take like 30min+ :angry:
  7. My Kies has work nice on JG1 and 3 but now with 5 i got as soon i put in USB the screen starts to jump and cant connect with kies at all :angry:
  8. Anyone can tell if this go back to normal if you do a hard reset again? Mean if things go bad and you reflash JG3, does it go back to normal things or this kernel still active? Just good to know
  9. Anyone that did use Terminal from Phone itself to enter commands? Insted off adb? Ask as good to know if that would work befor trying..:angry:
  10. You need to use Adb or can you just use a terminal on phone to put in the commands? su cp -rp /data/data /disk/ mv /data/data /data/data.bak ln -s /disk/data /data/data reboot
  11. Did see on Xda one told after flashing few times battery could show wrong val. anyone else have try this and can confirm it woking? Paste what he wrote here: After flashing Odin several times (through trial and error) i noticed that my battery depletes or empties allot faster than before. after doing some research it became apparent that the phone is not displaying the correct battery level. To solve this i had to wipe the battery stats after fully discharging and fully charging it to show the correct battery levels. You can use any battery intensive applications to discharge the battery, after which you should fully charge it till you get a message telling you that the battery is full. then run the following commands su rm /data/system/batterystats.bin that should fix the incorrect battery meter although i wish we had a good custom recovery like HTC Other devices....
  12. Does anyone have an ide how to get the phone back to the "orginal" Firmware if you not did a backup and been play around with new firmwares? :) Also how to get rid off that "rooted" sign on the GroVer. about the phone, mean if it get broken it is not good to have that "Rooted" sign all over when hand it in :D
  13. Yes, but when you flash new roms i on most my device has "format" it totaly to get rid off small tradeces from the old rom befor flash new ones, that i wounder if some one know how to do on sgs. Format/Clean it to zero befor flash the new rom, ask as last flash did not go 100% so think even a new flash over this old one that not work 100% will be bad :)
  14. Anyone know how to Format sgs? Mean like you used Task 29 on HD2 befor install new Roms to get rid off all small things that could make problems if you just install rom after rom..:) As guess it not work that good from Phone it self without a Update.zip on SD card you want and the ones other then that is from Samsung-Firmware and are Odin files.
  15. Arii

    Samsung Galaxy S Problems

    Had same problem with Kies. But after new firmware and the new Kies from http://samsung-firmware.webs.com/samsungkies.htm it working fine for me so far.

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