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    Sony X1 or htc touch pro

    Here is the simple comparison: Plus point of x1 is it's 3.0" vga Plus point for touch pro is it's touchflo that gives you better web browsing experience. So my pick ? Touch Pro.
  2. adamtaylor

    Cracked screen

    The HTC device which you are using is not a cheap one. I don't understand your point to fix it up by your own. Go to the nearest authorized service center and let them fix your phone. It is possible that if the damage is covered under warranty, then you can get it fixed for free.
  3. Data cable is require to eastablish the internet on computer via a cellphone. But before you get into any troubles, it is advisable always to contact the customer support of the network you are using.
  4. adamtaylor

    Unable to send text message in i617

    One other thing you can try is a hard reset of the phone. You will lose any added ring tones, pics you may have added, but that can cure the problem. If you want to do a hard reset, press the start soft key, go to and open settings, go to and open security, page through until you reach reset, enter reset and follow the instructions.

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