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  1. We are not complaining about the lack of r3... This is just r2 was so hot, it was the best ROM for Legend for a long time, we put all of our hopes in r3! Imagine what can be capable a Legend with r3...
  2. I tried 2 ROMS so far. The Mdj one and the one from Rodriguez! Mdj: very attractive since it support A2SD, is in 2.05 (sort of 2.03 but with less improvements), Sense is included. But this ROM do not have LWP and for me this ability is a must have. So I added manually the addon from Rodriguez to unlock LWP on any ROM but then I was not able to install any widget in any sceen of my Home. Until now I was sure it was due to Rodriguez addon but some commentary on XDA points that it is native Mdj which has this bug. Rodriguez: this is a very good ROM which seems to be stable so far! I admit I had issues to make A2SD working properly but after clearing the cache and Davdik throught Recovery and after a reboot it was perfect! The only bug I found was after pressing the menu button on the Homescreen and then select the 'Scene' option: here Sense crashed everytime, weird :/ Anyway the ROM allow you to use both widget and LWP! Plus you have some nice apps already installed in the phone =) I do really recommend this one, it's worth a try, trust me :angry:
  3. Hi there, I want to open a new topic in order to talk about Custom ROM around the Legend. The purpose of this topic is to share your experience with the ROMS you tried and to help people who had difficulties to choose the best ROM to use. From my point of view a good Custom ROM need to support Live Wallpapers (LWP), have HTC Sense, be at least in 2.1 (Eclair) or in 2.2 (but I think we have to wait for it), support A2SD and not having too many bugs! For the moment the Legend do not have many Custom ROM. In fact this not really a problem since any user of Legend is able to test every ROM and choose the best. But to help people who do not have many time to test (or affraid to play with recovery and things like that) we will discuss in this topic about the best experience you can have with these ROMS =) The second idea is to centralize the links to the ROMS in one place! It would be much easier to find them if we are able to regroup them in this topic =) I will manage to put as much as links as I can but do not hesitate to PM me the links I could miss :angry: So please let's begin this! Here are a couple of ROMS that are fitted for the Legend, remember they are all including ROOT and are only relevant to ROOTED PHONES! ---------- - Indigo Bean; CyanogenMod 5.0.8 >> This is a build using the famous CyanogenMod sources, version 5.0.8 and some patches and customisations. - Mdj Droid L0.0 - with HTC Sense - Base 2.05 - App2SD+ >> First ROM from UltimoJedi created for the Legend and based on Eclair (Androïd 2.1). - CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC1 for HTC Legend (based on FroYo) >> This is not an official release of CyanogenMod. No SENSE, No HTC Utilities. Now, there are still many issues in this ROM. - Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoDrOm V2.3 Fix Vivid Sense >> A modded stable mix of MoDaCo Custom ROM r1 & r2 for HTC Legend. - r2 - MoDaCo Custom ROM for HTC Legend with Online Kitchen >> MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs - either shipping or leaked. A MCR release is designed to feel as far as possible like a stock ROM, with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device. - Vanilla Bean >> This is a really clean build (no HTC at all) but an early pre-release as well. I don't consider it stable, nor should you do. Backup before flashing is recommended. - Rooted Vodafone UK ROM ( >> The only difference between this ROM and the OTA version is that this version is rooted and compatible with Pauls root method. Just upload to your memory card and run the releavant recovery instructions (see Paul's rooted post for more info). - Stripped Senseless v1.1 >> Based on 2.03.405.3 , has LiveWallpapers , Now LauncherPro - which looks really good! Still working on getting Eclair Lockscreen working! No Sense or Sense Widgets. Left in HTC Camera App, People App, and Phone App. - L'espresso v1.0 Android 2.1 with espresso sense interface >> It is basically a mix up between the myTouch Slide rom and the official HTC 1.31 rom and ofcourse with root acces. ---------- ***** Please note that some of these ROMS are left for dead, which means nobody stil working on them... You have to figure it out by yourself for the moment. If you know which one is dead, your welcome to PM me :D *****
  4. I already tried it ^^ It was the first custom ROM I installed (read above, I put this rom instead of the 1.31 from Paul since I had issues with it). But I was not satisfied from Mdj since it doesn't have native support for Live Wallpapers. I added them with the Rodriguez "DLC" but it had an awesome bug: if you use LWP from Rodriguez, then you cannot add widget to your home! This is an epic fail... So right now I just installed Rodriguez Vivid Sense. It worked and I am doing test while I'm writting this post! I already found a bug: press "Menu" then go to "Scene" and bam, HTC Sense crashed :/ But luckily you can manage your Homescreen by going throught the settings app! And in this ROM you can add widget even if you are using LWP!! I will test this ROM from Rodriguez a couple of hours and then I will try another ROM. I would probably try all the ROMS for Legend since there aren't too many of them ^^
  5. I plan to switch to Rodriguez custom ROM... I will probably do it in the next few hours. Some reports says A2SD is buggy on it but I want to taste it myself =) And since I installed properly an Ext3 partition on my SD Card, I think it will work correctly! I admit it is great to downgrad to 1.31 in order to root but I would prefer a fresh root in 2.03... Anyway, we will soon see more customs ROMS from devs all around the scene ^^
  6. I finally managed to root it! I had issues regarding the method with r4 from Paul... Downgrading was a piece of cake but I was not able to install the rootedupdate.zip from Paul, even after Wiping my Legend from every side xD I finally adapt the method and I changed rootedupdate.zip from r4 by the ROM from Mdj (Here)... Then I had another issue because the phone won't pass the HTC screen T_T I solved this by creating an Ext3 partition on my SD Card (thanks to GParted LiveCD)! Now I just installed LWP from Rodriguez and Fake Flash from Paul with success =) I'm waiting for r3 Paul's Kitchen ROM but I think other devs will release other ROMs for the Legend community (or I hope so)... A2SD is working fine and I am able to use the LED of the Legend thanks to to the app called LAMPU! My Legend revives: I can't believe my eyes :angry: Thanks to all the people who came on board of our Legendary boat (aha kaska_pt, it is one of yours)!
  7. Yes me too! Since you obviously dot not need anymore to root 2.03 I hope you will have time to set r3 up and to release it soon =)
  8. Aaaah great! Finally someone managed to solve our problem =) Thanks to all the folks in here who went to XDA Forums in order to contact devs! Few more days to wait until salvation ^^
  9. Noooooo! In about two days he will come here or say on his Twitter he is working on it and then he will ask us to wait and he will say he is sorry for the delay... And then, about 2 weeks later we will have the same discussion. Will we?
  10. See on Twitter : So, who's gonna lend his Legend in the name of ROOT? And Also :
  11. Legend seems to be bullshit... Unfortunatly I'm too poor to buy a Desire or anything else (iPhone FOUR ^^)... Well, I'll stay on Legend but this is only because I have no choice :angry:
  12. Done² I suggest to do it twice a day... Could be fun to harass them ^^ Or not :angry:
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