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  1. Looks like you guys' hassling has actually payed off a little, and to think I was somewhat skeptical of your methods.. well done.
  2. Here here.. nice to see that there are like-minded folk around here.
  3. Thanks Kaska, that seems like quite an increase to be fair.. I dont always get through the day on mine, being sure to pack in my charger cable to plug into my lappy when necessary.. but it sounds like yours gets some pretty decent mileage thanks for the info. :)
  4. I don't Have the ability to root.. 1.32, believe me, i've tried ;P Though again, the battery life is what im the most interested in.
  5. That's great, thanks for your opinion.. Though to be honest.. the HTC sound cant be that bad.. and pinch to zoom is indeed non-essential.. but what about Battery life? did you notice an improvement?
  6. I suppose with this new light on the subject, I would have to ask. If Paul is working on rooting 2.03, would it be worth upgrading my 1.32x phone to 2.03 as i currently can't root it. Doesn't it supposedly improve the battery life and some other stuff? AND I really hate the Vodafone logos >_>.. What do you think? Regards
  7. Oh.. ok then, im afraid that I have no idea what it could be, assuming your phone has been rooted, I have no idea about the possible implications and stuff from that, as I haven't had any experience with mine yet, being at a version which cannot be rooted just yet. Sorry my idea didnt help :I hope you have more luck in the future.
  8. Perhaps try downloading a Task Killer application, I'd recommend "Advanced Task Killer" from the market, and look to see if you have any music/game/whatever apps which may affect the volume rocker and kill the process. That way you can ensure that it IS actually a weird fault/bug, and not a background app interfering.
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