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  1. Hello, first of all great work Mourta on this. It makes a huge difference in performance and overall feel of the phone. There is one issue though which can be replicated. When you plug handsfree and try to make a call both earpies is muted (not quite sure about mic since i don't know if the other end is able to hear). You have to unplug it from the jack and replug it to be able to hear. After that if you unplug handsfree and try to play a music file the sound is muted and you can't hear anything from phone speaker. http://pastebin.com/rEKeu25c here is a log of this. I open Apollo and try to play music. Audio is routed to 4 but i don't have handsfree plugged in at that time and so it should be routed to 2 which is my speaker phone. If you see here V/WiredAccessoryManager( 525): Headset UEVENT: {SUBSYSTEM=switch, SWITCH_STATE=0, DEVPATH=/devices/virtual/switch/h2w, SEQNUM=3831, ACTION=change, SWITCH_NAME=h2w} That's the time i plug in the handsfree and can hear music through it. Then when i unplug it V/nvaudio_hw( 164): Media is routed to :2 I/AudioRouter( 906): Audio mode changing to EARPIECE
  2. Hello, unfortunately i've never used this app. This is related to the adreno drivers so can't do much about it. About the translation i've mentioned some posts before that there is a translation project at crowdin. You could also decompile settings.apk and replace what you doesn't see fit.
  3. Not on my pc so I'm gonna tell you from what i remember. Goto AudioHardwareInterface.h snd there is somewhere a line audio output t_flags comment that out. Or even better check out Dazzozo patches.
  4. I didn't have the intention too since i don't feel it has anything more to offer from Slimbean but since you need it i can try a build. You'll have to wait till next week cause i'm off for one more week of vacation :)
  5. Hello. New weekly is up. Check the first post for the changelog. This is the final release. Slimbean is moving to 4.3 and i have moved to a new cell phone. I now got the LG Optimus 4X. I thought it was a bargain at it's current price but unfortunately i got quite dissapointed with it's battery life and camera auto focus issues. Anyway, it was a fun ride here hope you also liked it. Best regards! :)
  6. Since it's v7.8 it obviously has all the commits of v7.8. Each time i build a release it has all the slimbean changes that are on site and if i mention anything else are the device specific changes.
  7. You can contribute to translate to chinese here http://crowdin.net/profile/slimbean
  8. I'll be on vacations for two weeks. Bluetooth problem noted and confirmed. I'll have a look at it when I'm back. Summer in Greece is calling me :)
  9. http://www.slimroms.net/index.php/downloads/all/viewdownload/383-addons/3524-latinime-full-language-keyboard-4-2-2-build-7
  10. https://plus.google.com/103583939320326217147/posts/T9xnMJEnzf1
  11. FYI, this is SlimBean. It has nothing to do with CM10.1 apart the fact that they are both AOSP based (obviously). The problem persists? Is it fixed on PAC or CM? This is the diff from last release to this release. --- a/audio/AudioHardware.cpp +++ b/audio/AudioHardware.cpp @@ -1580,11 +1580,11 @@ status_t AudioHardware::setVoiceVolume(float v) } // Added 0.4 to current volume, as in voice call Mute cannot be set as minimum volume(0.00) // setting Rx volume level as 2 for minimum and 7 as max level. - v = 0.4 + v; + v = 0.2 + v; int vol = lrint(v * 5.0); ALOGD("setVoiceVolume(%f)\n", v); - ALOGI("Setting in-call volume to %d (available range is 2 to 7)\n", vol); + ALOGI("Setting in-call volume to %d (available range is 1 to 6)\n", vol); if ((mCurSndDevice != -1) && ((mCurSndDevice == SND_DEVICE_TTY_HEADSET) || (mCurSndDevice == SND_DEVICE_TTY_VCO))) { As you see i've lowered the volume more. If though it's fixed on kra1o5 release i'll follow his steps here https://github.com/Kra1o5/android_device_huawei_u8815/commit/3746b4df7b09b31bee562fd1aa85fc90843a3979 . Else place bets on what values may do the trick. If it's related to this values anyway and it's not some nasty Huawei trick. I don't see it either now that you've mentioned it. Will look at it i can't find where and why they removed it right now.
  12. New version up. See changelog on first post. Much better handling of RAM usage.
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