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  1. I tried different ways... - exchange support selected, and no samsung mail app - exchange support selected, and with samsung mail app - your vanilla prebake none of them is working for me :( !
  2. Hi Paul I have a really big Problem with this Custom Rom... I can't use Exchange Accounts...! I did pick the Exchange Option in the Kitchen, but it just won't accept my Exchange Account (it works fine on my GNEX). And when I try to use it with the Samsung Mail App the App Crashes at the End of the Account Setup. Can you please help me? Really need Exchange to be working for my work...
  3. Hi! I just cooked me a rom without almost everything from samsung (to make it as vanila as possible). My Problem now is the setup wizzard now crashes and after that i only get a black screen. I then rebootet but nothing is happening... it keeps on the samsung logo (more than 10 minutes) do you have any clue? EDIT: generated a new rom, its working now! thanks
  4. hey, i did install the clockworkmod and trying to boot into recovery mode, but i only get a black phone with a red triangle explanation mark.... can somebody help me? thanks
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