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  1. thats what i also had to do... after that wifi was working + no lockups
  2. check post #376 worked also fine for me, no more lockups.
  3. i also have a vodafone.de n1. but not using o2. 2.09 r24 runs with no sim issue, 2.10 r24 has it. what is the difference between the two versions? i also had this problem with evils and kings rom.
  4. try the autostart script... works great. look a few pages earlier to find it.
  5. same here. since 2.10 based version i just installed r24 from 18/09/2010 works great. (except the auto turnoff another user also had, where only removing battery helps to start the phone again)
  6. Core Core Additions for Nexus One Contacts Maps / Street View News and Weather Keyboard Voice Dialler Voice Search YouTube Calculator Car Panel Flashlight FM Radio Friend Stream HTC IME Lock Screen PDF Viewer Peep Sense / Rosie SIM Toolkit Teeter Voice Recorder Weather World Clock HTC IME (modified) all widgets Facebook ROM Manager Spare Parts Titanium Backup Trackball Alert (free) WiFi Status Indicator Disable Boot Sound Nexus One Boot Animation Sign update zip
  7. hm what to do if i get: e: cant symlink /system/lib e: failure at line 375: symlink /data/system-lib SYSTEM:lib while installing?

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