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  1. Hi, I have a short question/problem/whatever ^^ As we already know, the gallery downsizes images and doesn't resize them when zooming in ... I painfully accepted that, but ... When I look at contact pictures in the dialer or at my cover arts in the mp3 player app, they're also extremely pixelated, which doesn't origin from the pictures I'm using ... I use cover arts with an average resolution of 450x450, but they look like upscaled 50x50 thumbnails ... same goes for the contact pictures; here I took a relatively large part of a picture I shot with the phone's camera, but it looks like an upscaled 15x15 picture, just a mesh of damn few pixels :-/ Any idea how I can fix this? Do you have the same problem? Running firmware JFB without modaco at the moment as wavesecure crashed on me with r1 each time I booted the phone. Would change to r2 if it should fix my problem. Hope anyone can help me! And thanks for reading ;-)
  2. So I updated and I can't even see a quarter of the apps I bought... marketplace enabler does not work and the various scripts don't work as well. What do I have to do now?
  3. Wow man. Thanks for the incredibly precise answer! I just wanted to reply that I used the wring button combination ^^ now it worked and runs fine! Thanks for all the great help and your time!
  4. Thanks for the info man! But there's only a screen that tells me "downloading please dont turn off". No option to pick a file or go up and down. ... Any info on what i'm missing here?^^
  5. My main question is concerning that adb commad line prog... When i try the descripted commands it always tells me that the parameters are wrong... How do i have to connect my device to the pc to perform this update? Or do i have to run the linux version of adb on my phone?
  6. Seems that I'm just too dumb, but could anyone tell me what exactly I must do to flash this rom? At the moment I tried renaming the file to "update.zip", put it on my sd card's root and booted in recovery mode (by pressing vol down/home/power)... I'm totally unable to figure out whether this adb prog has to be involved and if so, how ... help much appreciated!
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