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  1. Hi,

    I have a short question/problem/whatever ^^

    As we already know, the gallery downsizes images and doesn't resize them when zooming in ... I painfully accepted that, but ...

    When I look at contact pictures in the dialer or at my cover arts in the mp3 player app, they're also extremely pixelated, which doesn't origin from the pictures I'm using ... I use cover arts with an average resolution of 450x450, but they look like upscaled 50x50 thumbnails ... same goes for the contact pictures; here I took a relatively large part of a picture I shot with the phone's camera, but it looks like an upscaled 15x15 picture, just a mesh of damn few pixels :-/

    Any idea how I can fix this?

    Do you have the same problem?

    Running firmware JFB without modaco at the moment as wavesecure crashed on me with r1 each time I booted the phone.

    Would change to r2 if it should fix my problem.

    Hope anyone can help me! And thanks for reading ;-)

  2. No need to mess with adb commad line prog, once you've put update.zip in the root of sdcard, power off your phone and then press VOL UP + HOME + POWER, then select update from the menu using VOL key and press HOME.


    Thanks for the info man! But there's only a screen that tells me "downloading please dont turn off". No option to pick a file or go up and down. ... Any info on what i'm missing here?^^

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