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  1. https://github.com/c.../mach/bcom_fm.h this isn't the file i referred to tho.. i'll keep looking for that.. Edit: Found the file i was working with before i gave up... https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base/blob/gingerbread/core/jni/android_hardware_fm_bcm4325.cpp
  2. You can't change the volume without the fm_hcitool source, it doesn't hook into the android volume API's and my app just acts as a GUI to it.. The source is completely opensource and Licenceless as long as it's not compiled and stuck on the market to make money..
  3. I don't see any PDMI certification on that either (admittedly it could be on the bottom of the dock, also it says works???? if that's the case, it seems cheap iPhone cables are also PDMI http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...3879&page=2 just because something charges the streak, it doesn't make it compatible.
  4. I am not saying that PDMI isn't an industry standard, just that the connector on the Streak is not it! Do you see a PDMI compliant logo anywhere on the cable? no? then it is not certified as a PDMI connector and cannot be legally described as such. The USB end of the cable, you will see, has the USB logo and therefore IS compliant in the same way. None of the citations you supplied show the mechanical connector as described by the PDMI standard (the only document I am aware of that may show this costs $75), just the pinouts, which I agree is similar if not the same as a compliant PDMI connector. Please do not think I'm being pedantic, but in the current climate of IP law (IANAL), certification is EVERYTHING, as it usually accompanies licencing.
  5. The connector is PDMI based, and is not compatible with other PDMI cables. PDMI refers to the pin outputs, not necessarily the connector form itself.
  6. 2) fastboot -i 0x413c flash dsp1 dsp1.mbn 3) pull down the notification bar and click on the USB connected, it will bring up a screen with button on, press it.
  7. Just logging a problem with Waze, probably to do with the known gfx problems. Nothing is being displayed for the map.
  8. I work there, so I know what you mean... I wonder if there's enough ppl round here for a NW meetup? :P
  9. There's a difference between research for the community (like steve) and research for personal learning reasons.. It's basic etiquette to search the forum to see if the answer has already been provided rather than clog up the database with the same question 100's of times over. How could the original question have been answered so it would please you? you asked if something was available and you were told no is wasn't... It has always appeared to me that people who don't understand that it's very annoying answering the same questions over and over when it's quicker and easier to use the SEARCH, don't see they are being very ignorant or lack basic social skills.
  10. Why? If they don't understand what is being said, they should either do a bit of research to learn the technical stuff or not mess with a £400 gadget in ways that could turn it into a £400 paperweight
  11. all the drivers you could ever need... http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13321962/usb_driver.rar you need to use the all "Have Disk" option.
  12. Some more details would help... app name and rom would be a good start
  13. It sounds like you've flexed it too far while it was in your pocket. I had the same happen to a Nokia N95 a few years ago. You have to remember, the larger an item is, the more prone to flexing it is, and they don't come much larger than the streak.
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