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  1. new cookie roms will be available in a few days. ulite is uploaded again.thanks to andylau.
  2. Fu..! What the hell just has happened to ifile? our profile is disappeared but the funny thing is ROM links are working . Can anyone give us all ROM links like sapo2's one in post#1563? ----------------------- dudes please don't make other links,we wanna know the dl statistics.
  3. Hi I Want To Flash WINDRIOD Can Tell me How To Currently Using JJ1

  4. Go to: Samsung setting\display and light\Screen off light and set both of them to "always turn on" also Samsung setting\display and light\Backlight time Set them to 300 and 600 seconds I hope it helps
  5. New ROMs will be released very very soon. Previous ROMs were downloaded 5000+ times and it's great. I hope you guys set a better record for us.
  6. New ROMs are almost ready and will be released in a few days. There is an special rom that you haven't seen like it
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