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  1. Flashed the JG5 firmware this afternoon, had to repeat the flash a couple of times 'cause at first I used the wrong PIT file, then I didn't select Re-Partitioning, then Odin couldn't find the COM port anymore, wouldn't flash JFF, blablabla. Finally managed to correctly flash JG5, partitioned a 16GB SDHC Class 4 nameless SD card with a large FAT32 and a 1,5GB ext4 partition, copied and symlinked the database and Market files as instructed in the first post and the phone is flying now. Step 3 of the I/O test in Quadrant took quite a while, but eventually finished. Pretty impressive: JFF Firmware: 795 JG5 Firmware: 862 JG5 with Fix : 1344 Don't have a score for the original JF3 firmware, someone else with the stock firmware got a score of 762 so that's an increase of over 75% in the benchmark. Even better, the phone is fast as lightning. I can access both the internal SD card and the FAT32 partition from the external SD card in Windows and I've noticed no problems whatsoever since flashing to JG5 and moving the database and Market files. Thanks a lot mimocan, toppertje :angry:
  2. KneoK

    Samsung Galaxy S Problems

    Having the exact same problem, though I can connect it as a mass storage device and mount the drive. When I choose Kies as the connection method the MTP application pops up and then closes over and over again. It worked a couple of hours ago, then installed a few apps and copied some stuff to the SD card and troubles began. So far I've tried to unmount and mount the internal SD card, reboot the device and my pc (Windows 7 x64) without USB cable attached, rebooted device with USB cable plugged in with USB setting set manually to Kies and tried the option to let me select the connection method and choosing Kies. Seems like the only solution is to format my SD card as bushrat tried ? Edit: it was indeed the solution. I've copied some important files from the SD card to my pc (media files, gestures for Dolphin HD, themes for Beautiful Widget, my ebooks etc.) and then formatted the SD card. Then I rebooted the phone, connected it with the Kies option and the MTP application didn't flash anymore, the device driver installed just fine. Unplugged the Cable, started Kies, replugged and I was synced to Kies in a couple of seconds. Then copied back all the files I backed up and everything is fine again. Didn't even have to reboot to enable the themes for Beautiful Widget or access to my ebooks. Just locked an unlocked and it's working like a charm once again. I just hope this won't happen again.

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