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  1. PhoneUser911

    Huawei Ascend G500 Pro / U8836D

    I purchased a Huawei 510 from ebay and after spending a day on trying to install Google Play on it I have been told that its actually a Mediatek devie. I have no Google Play Store I cannot install it with an .apk I cannot put the phone in fastboot mode I cannot find the windows drivers for it, I have searched, googled and tried a whole bunch of 65** drivers but these are the errors I get! I downloaded the exe files and it extracted to C:\Program Files\Handset WinDriver Gave the path for updated drivers and it says that best driver is already installed
  2. Hi, What does that mean in plain English? And how do I unlock the bootloader and flash the ROM and make the phone work?
  3. Windows 7. Are the drivers given by Andymac1969? If so I have enclosed the error pictures. Thanks
  4. My friend, My bootloader is locked so I know that nothing can be done and I know that. My question is how do I put the phone into fastboot mode?
  5. PhoneUser911

    Unlock your bootloader

    Hi Folks, I am extremely Sorry to bug you guys but I have the following questions Where do I get the Windows drivers for this phone, see my pictures as to what happens Pressing Volume UP + Power puts the phone into recovery options and my 7 options are as follows: Reoot System Now Apply update from Sdcard Apply update from Cache Wipe data/factory reset Wipe Cache Partition Backup User data Restore User Data Huawei TP Download from Sdcard [*]Pressing Volume Down + Power does nothing! Phone just boots normally [*]Preessing Volume UP + Volume Down + Power tries to apply the update from dload folder on the SD Card Is 1 above what you call the fastboot mode? and then I use adb to actually run the specific commands?
  6. My friend, No! I have written the last option on recovery option is "Huawei TP Download from SD Card"
  7. Hi, The last menu on the Recovery menu is "Huawei TP Download from SD Card" I am looking for fastboot which sebastian talks about here: I don't get fastboot when I press the Volume DOWN + Power button
  8. I have put the following thread into Google translator http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=576727 and read and indeed they are saying that http://www.solidfiles.com/d/c22779a3f2/ are the drivers but I have shown the pictures from my laptop that these don't work as drivers.
  9. Hi, Huawei has an application called HiSuite which will let you synch your contacts from Windows to your phone http://www.huaweidevice.com/resource/mini/201105239635/hi_suite_en/ Install this application from Huawei site It will install the drivers etc to your laptop The rest is pretty simple The issue is that the bootloader is locked and until then not a lot can be done, until then I am trying to get adb and the drivers to work
  10. Hi This is my error I downloaded the exe files and it extracted to C:\Program Files\Handset WinDriver Gave the path for updated drivers and it says that best driver is already installed
  11. Hi Folks, I have checked the http://www.huawei.com/ site. I have also tried ADB drivers http://www.adbtoolkit.com/drivers/ specifcally the Huawei.rar file Does anyone know where the windows drivers for this phone? I am guessing that I need the drivers to work before using ADB? I have downloaded and installed Hisetup from Huawei http://www.huaweidevice.com/resource/mini/201105239635/hi_suite_en/ and when booted I am able to communicate with the phone. Thanks
  12. That's exactly what I thought my friend. How do I put the phone in Fastboot mode? I take the battery out for 10 seconds. I then put the battery back and hold the volume DOWN and power key both for 10 and keep holding but the phone boots and goes into a normal screen? What am I doing wrong? When I hold Volume UP and Volume DOWN and power Key all at the same time...The phone goes hangs on a trinagle screen with some chinese writing...Is that the Fastboot mode? I am taking notes so when I get this working I will start a thread and post directions for everyone to follow with pictures. Here is a Summary so far: When I press Volume UP and Power it goes into a mood where I can reset factory settings, wipe Cache, Apply updates from SD Card When I press Volume DOWN, Volume UP and Power it hangs on a Triangle Screen with Chinese writing When I press Volume DOWN, Volume UP and Power nothing happens and it just boots normall...I have ensured that fastboot is disabled from settings. Thanks
  13. My friend your help is much appreciated so let me try again to try ot explain step by step. I went to Google play using the browser of my phone https://play.google.com/store?hl=en_GB I signed in with my gmail ID and it loged on To double check I even went to gmail and checked my emails etc and they are all there and visible and I can reply to emails which means that that gmail ID works and Google Play has an Account When I try to download any apps e.g. gmail it says, "Your App will be downloaded to your Phone" but nothing happens...The app neither downloads nor appears in my download folder I have tried to install the latest Google Play.apk and it installs sucessfully but never launches. When the button is clicked it flashes (never opens) and returns back to the screen Perhaps my phone is not rooted or perhaps my bootloader is locked but I am neither able to installed Google Play (via .apk) nor install any apps while using Google play using the browser of my phone https://play.google.com/store?hl=en_GB I don't know the reasons at all. Thank You.
  14. Hi, I have tried downloadning the Google Play.apk file and installing it and after installation it just flashes but never opens. I have tried Google Player through the Browser and it just says that Apps will be downloaded but nothing happens. The Chinese App Installer opens, looks at the SD Card and I installed Google Play.apk file and installing it and after installation it just flashes but never opens. App Installer does nothing else but installs from the SD Card...I have no idea on even how to uninstall the Chinese Apps from the Phone.
  15. Hi, Just to help anyone who may be trying this out... I couldn't get the site to work to request my code so I emailed [email protected] with the following email Sunday night: Hi, I tried to get the Bootloader unlock code from your site but the site doesn't seem to be working properly. My details are as follows: Serial Number: [b]X[/b] IMEI: [b]X[/b] Product ID: [b]X[/b] Please send me the Bootloader unlock code. Thanks Within hours I got an acknowledgement (first thing Monday) as follows: Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting Huawei device. We has retailed your needs to our correlative department. And there will have expert to help you with your needs in three working days. Please wait a period of time. Once again thank you for contacting Huawei device. Best Regards. Huawei Device Customer Care Team. Hopefully once I get the code I am ready to follow instructions here: http://www.huaweidev...d=getUnlockStep I will download the latest adbtoolkit from their site I guess the nightly build which is 645 MB Am I correct in assuming that the Huawei.rar file has the drivers for my phone? Thanks

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