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  1. I usually use between 120 and 140. I hate huge buttons. Some things don't work properly but on the whole it all works perfect.
  2. If you signed up to O2 before August time (roughly) you get unlimited data browsing. If you signed up after, in the new year its being dropped to 500mb.
  3. You Americans have to pay 300$ up front for the Streak as well as a contract?! I pay £45 a month including insurance for unlimited everything (almost) and the Streak was free. For the contract below, at £35, the Streak price was £55.
  4. Its this dude http://en.community.dell.com/dell-blogs/Di...st-moments.aspx
  5. 1. Stephen Hydes would work fine, I'm sure 2. Yes you can roll back, Dell would not know if you reinstalled the official again. 3. You can, you would have to reflash the recovery and then flash the PKG when it is released. 4. Yes but as long as you follow instructions carefully you will be perfectly safe.
  6. Personally, I hate the iOS for its closed software and the horrible layout of its apps. I like a nice clean sheet when I unlock my phone, with just the time and perhaps what I am listening to, rather than just a wall of apps. I also dislike the HTC Sense launcher compared to Launcher.pro and adw.Launcher. Whenever I know someone who gets a new HTC I always show them both the launchers and most of the time they are much happier using something other than Sense.
  7. Appbrain lets you search the market online and install from there, and the search and sort functions on Appbrain are vastly superior to the stock Market. Charlie.
  8. Had the same problem with my router. If it is the same problem as mine, simply change the channel the router broadcasts on. Mine was on 13 and couldn't be seen, dropped it to 5 and now I can see and connect to it.
  9. Will adb connect at the boot screen or would I have to do it another way
  10. Still having the same problem. Copied, rebooted, stuck on a loop. Pull battery, reboot, stays on the Dell Logo forever without booting. Am I doing something wrong? How long should boot take to apply a new prop file?
  11. I can use the build.prop you posted previously with the update.zip though? Thanks for the reply, I will try using it again.
  12. From what I have read and searched on the forum, no one else has had this problem yet. Copied the Build.prop to /system, rebooted and just had a bootloop? It would play the Dell Logo animation, then replay it again over and over for about ten minutes before reflashing. Anyone else have this problem yet? Other than that, amazing work Steve. Truly amazing.
  13. This is great news! I use my phone almost constantly, so as long as I had calls/texts and music working I'd be testing it constantly (such as when I am at work) if you want to look for beta.
  14. I usually just hide mine and use a widget to show the time. Much nicer to look at.
  15. Did you use LCD Density changer? What setting did you use? I really messed up my phone when I tried it. Think I set to 250. On a related note, if you tell me the settings I'll let you know if my keyboard does it also.
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