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  1. Hi! I am trying to hard reset my Samsung SGH i780. I have tried turning off the phone, holding down the green and red buttom and the power button, i have tried the hard reset button in the menu, and i have tried holding down the green and red button and then pushing the reset button on the side of the phone to get it to format - but nothing seems to work. with the hard reset that is offered in the menu - it resets but the language settings are kept the same. When I use the power button + red+ green nothing happens exept that the phone starts up like normal when i use the red+green+reset button it just soft resets nothing else - I need the phone formatted so i can start from scratch and pick a new language and so on and so forth. Any ideas?
  2. Mine doesn't give the black screen with the options on it, that you see on the video...How come? Am I holding something wrong, is there a right or wrong order in which to push the green and red button?
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