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  1. Robert Sydbrink

    HTC Flyer available today only for £189.95 + delivery

    UK only... :'(
  2. Robert Sydbrink

    most stable rom

    Tried most roms out there and Django Manouche is the rom that have worked best on my 2x so far. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1410662
  3. Robert Sydbrink

    Can't update to GB with LG:s PC Suite

    So, the main problem is that if I connect the phone (with stock v10d software) to LG:s PC Suite it says that there is a new software to my phone (v20l). It then starts the small mobile update program and it's here the problem starts. When that program checks the phone it says that I've already got the latest (v20l) on my phone. So I can't update to v20l. Any toughts on how to fix this? And why I want a completely stock installation is because the phone have been acting strange. The classic restarts and BSOD appears very often. And if it continues with the latest stock firmware its going back to the shop. However. I've not tried it yet but, it's my sister that have the phone now and it started when she got it. I've had very little problem with the phone so I started thinking of whats different. I remember that I had some problems in the beginning to and it seemed to stop when I changed the sdcard. And now my sister uses her own, cheap, sdcard in the phone. I had a 16GB Class 10 card. Can the sdcard cause the problems?
  4. Robert Sydbrink

    Galaxy Nexus and Android 4.0 Officially Announced

    Stop with the freaking Megapixel complains... The camera can be freakishly good with "only" 5MP. And for me 5MP is enough pixels and I care more about the quality of them. And to topic. I have been pushing the update button on my browser until the Galaxy Nexus came up for preorder. And now I just wait for the thing to arrive (: cant wait!
  5. Robert Sydbrink

    GTA 3 coming to Android

    Yea. I love all GTA games. So I hope they can make the implementation of it on an android device good.
  6. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1287846 Pretty good themes imo.
  7. Should change the date in the title. I was just checking the title to see if there was any updates... now when i jumped in to the thread i notices it was update both yesterday and today.
  8. Robert Sydbrink

    So how come MoDaCo SGS2 so quiet?

    I want a kitchen so i can remove and cook up the rom after what i want. And ive now bought a secound s2 to my wife =)
  9. Robert Sydbrink

    Worth Buying Another blade?

    Its all about money. Here in sweden there is no phone that come close to be as good as the blade for that price. If you want to step up just a little its atleast double the price here. If you can save up the cash i have to say the SGS2 is just so sweet. But then, it costs 5 times the blade here. But the blade is still a pretty good phone.
  10. Robert Sydbrink

    So how come MoDaCo SGS2 so quiet?

    I think its a little wierd to. Paul have a SGS2 right? And SGS2 is the best selling android phone here atm so there is alot of people with em. I want a MoDaCo Kitchen for it =)
  11. Have used the Gr1 as normal today. A little gaming, som facebook, some sms and phonecalls. When i check my battery usage it says my camera app have drained 39% :/ Havent taken any photos and i checked if it was running in the background somehow... but no. Just me? The battery drain doesnt seem high or anything. But just strange with the camera app on the top.
  12. Im now a paying member (: My wife has the LG phone atm and shes at her moms. So I have to wait untill tonight to try it. Why the sad smily at the bottom in first post? should be a happy one right? =)
  13. Robert Sydbrink

    How is the SGS2 compared to LG2X?

    I got both devices now and they have been problem free. Not sure if the uppgrade is worth it. Its not (imo) mindblowingly better. My O2X works very good, relible and fast with a smooth interface. And it feels realy sturdy. But the S2 is ofc better. The screen is just so lovley, its so damn thin and light but it feel suprisingly very sturdy to altho not on the same level as the O2X. The batterytime im not realy sure of yet. The LG can handle a day without problem for me, but i havent had the S2 for long enough to make a judgement on that yet. And the screen is so pretty to look at in full brightness. And the S2 can get realy hot. On the edge to being to much. The camera seems better och works better on the S2. Its a bit faster and the pictures gets a little better. And i just love the Kies Air on the S2. EDIT: Meh... Having problem playing .3gp with my S2. It pops up that its not supported. So i tried open it in Astro and what do you know it plays smoothly. I go reset the default from the videoplayer but when i try to play a .3gp astro doesnt pop up as an option. A well ill just open those videos in astro then. But then they dont work their either...
  14. Robert Sydbrink

    Do you use your tab as a tablet or phone ?

    I only have the tab. Have it with me all the time in my pants sidepocket. Have a bt headset on me all the time, se mw600 i think it is with caller id, radio etc. Been using my tab over a halfyear now as my only device and it have worked great. Im a bigger dude so my pant pockets are quite big so it makes it easier for me to have the tab in there all the time. And its so sweet to have it on you when you need to do something on the internet. Check info, wire some money, chat with friends or check out some video clips. Its so much easier and better on the big tab then the phone imo. And battery time is great. I can get through atleast 2 days realy heavy use, but i usually charge it every night.

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